we now continue with…Conversations

Now, seriously, y’all…I need some help with this one.
Last night Curt and I were finishing off the final round of left-over macaroni and cheese.

*side note begin* I had always assumed that when we got married it would be easier to cook because there wouldn’t be these gigantor recipes anymore…in my apartment, I basically cooked once a month. It had to be something I really liked because I knew it’d be in the fridge for ages. So, “more variety in cooking…another person to eat with…more food consumption per meal” was on my list of “things I am looking forward to after getting married” list. Didn’t you have one? I love lists. At any rate…it was all just a dream. It’s been almost 10 months and I’ve only had to make dinner 2 times. What is the deal with Americans that our recipes have to feed 40 people? I’m not in the habit of inviting greater Grand Rapids over for dinner yet, but I could…and we’d still have left-overs. You’re thinking ‘cut the recipe in half, you silly newlywed…so innocent…so young…she’ll learn the ways of marriage some day’ but how in the world to you cut 1/8 of a teaspoon or 3/4 of a cup in half? My measuring spoons don’t go that low and I hate math. My mom teaches 2nd grade, people. There are no advanced math skills in this girl…at all. *side note over*

Ok…so we’re eating macaroni and cheese, remember? STILL couldn’t finish it all, so we each had a little left over. I had warmed it up in the oven…oh so good with little crunchy cheese parts here and there (this is important for later). Now comes the interesting part: I head to the sink where our garbage disposal lives and begin to scrape my plate containing about 7 noodles and some cheese.

*begin conversation between a boy and a girl*

boy: NO NO NO…Wait.
girl: What WHAT What???
boy: don’t put that in there
girl: don’t put what?
boy: that’s not good stuff to put in there
girl: what’s not good stuff to put in where?
boy: in there…in the disposal…don’t put that in there

*boy reaches IN TO THE DISPOSAL and pulls out a handful of noodles and cheese pieces*

girl: um…ok. wow. ok. what’s good stuff to put in the disposal?
boy: soft things like vegetables…soup…you know…soft things
girl: not like noodles and cheese?
boy: well, it’s got those crunchy parts on it
girl: are you kidding me? there are blades there, right? I don’t under…
boy: and if it breaks then I have to pull it apart and that’s no fun
girl: ok…so no noodles and cheese? really?
boy: nope *scrapes dishes into trash*

*end conversation*

Wanna know my criteria for what doesn’t go in garbage disposals? Spoons.

Just ask my father.

Gotcha, dad.


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One response to “we now continue with…Conversations

  • -tr0y-

    i gotta be honest–i dont need to have a relationship when i get such joy out of your conversations!! thank you for sharing them–i mean it, thank you!

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