a prayer episode of CONVERSATIONS

boy: Ready to pray?

girl: yep.

boy: Let’s pray. Father, we come to you this evening thankful for the beautiful weather. We thank you for our jobs, we thank you for our home, and we thank you for each other. Thank you for this food you have provided for our dinner…we know there are those that must go without and we are so grateful for your blessings. God, I just want to pray right now for Nancy [our renter] who wants to burn down our house. Please help this situation end as peacefully as possible. God, thank you for keeping Abe safe while his mouth was stuck to Scooch’s collar for an hour while we were away playing soccer. God, thank you for stopping the fire at our property before it got out of hand and blew up Ed’s propane tank. And God, we just pray for tonight as we relax with friends and enjoy some dessert with…as we spend some time with… with…
[whispers frantically]
Katie? What are their names again?

girl: [opens her eyes and looks up in complete disbelief…as I have never been in an “sidebar” conversation with God waiting on the other end] Todd and Suzanne, Curt. Todd and Suzanne.

boy: [continues with prayer] …Todd and Suzanne. Thank you again, God, for everything. Amen.

girl: amen.
girl: Curty, I don’t think you’re supposed to ask other people questions when you’re praying.

boy: yes. And you can open your eyes. You can do whatever you want.

[Seen on kitchen chalkboard the next evening: Tonight’s Grace…a liturgical meal blessing dance to Sunrise, Sunset. Spandex optional. Ribbons required.]


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