One down, Eighty-seven to go!

Happy First Anniversary to Mary Kathryn and Curtis James! Yahoo! Curt suprised me by taking me out to dinner Friday night to celebrate and then telling me in the car that we were staying overnight at a bed and breakfast.

“Wha?” (a confused version of ‘what’)
“Yep. We’re going to Hastings and staying there overnight.”
“Are we eating there?”
“Yep. The place is within walking distance of historical downtown and close to many popular places to eat.”
“Did you pack anything?”
“Your toothbrush.”
“Where’s Abe?”
“With Megan.”
“I have to be at work tomorrow at 11am.”
“You didn’t pack anything?” (I’d been wood-chipping all day.)
“You’re the most low-maintenance girl I know. I knew you’d be fine.”
“When do we eat?”

It was a great trip. True to Sebeck-Mulder form, I got stuck in my jacket after returning from dinner because the zipper split at the bottom. Very romantic.

Curt bought me white daisies, my favorite. The room didn’t have a vase so we stood them up in the potty overnight.

We checked out in the morning to head back home but of course stopped at Bob’s Gun and Tackle to gawk at the deer stands and decoys and bright orange clothing. It’s the best place in the state, I’m told. You can’t argue with that when there are men with guns and ammo all over the place. We considered buying Abe a life-sized deer decoy for his upcoming birthday, but decided against it because country animals in the city are bad. Although, today I saw a wild turkey running down Fulton at Fuller. I think perhaps he was looking for the Farmers Market and got stuck at the light.

Sunday night (the actual anniversary) we brought out the miniature white cake…forgotten but rescued from the bottom of the in-law’s freezer. It was amazingly good. I don’t understand this tradition. I don’t know why we have to save cake for a year and then eat it. If there was a supposed to be a special 1st anniversary speech, we skipped it and headed straight for a game of Scrabble. I had a 48 point word. Curt is doing much better, branching out from “dig” and “bid” for stuff like “detox” and “oxford.” We’re growing.

Everyday I love that kid more, I swear. Thanks to all of you that have made this relationship so special…for praying with us and playing with us and loving us. We are doing very very well. Thank you.

It’s knitting night at Lorilee’s. I gotta run. Just you wait until you see all the pretty potholders I’ve made!

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