another (fairly short) conversation

Boy: Hey, Kate? um…There’s laundry all over the basement floor…and both machines are full but not moving. I’m wondering if you have a system or anything going?
Girl: No.
Boy: Uh, is there any chance I’ll have white undershirts in the morning [for my professional job where I have to wear undergarments to work unlike the freedom setting you bobcat your way to every morning *sidenote author’s own paranoia and reading between the lines*]?
Girl: No.
Boy: Can I help?
Girl: No. Don’t touch anything. I know what I’m doing.
Boy: [holds up a dirty kitchen rag] Where should I put this?
Girl: On the floor in the basement.
Boy: Anywhere? No specific pile?
Girl: Anywhere.
Boy: Sounds good.

Girl returns to reading about how the secret detergent people have teamed up with the secret washer people to scam us all into thinking you have to seperate your laundry and you have to wash certain things in cold and you have to dry it all flat and you have to use soap and you have fill the soap up to a certain line so you eventually have to go back and buy more soap. All lies, I tell you. All lies.


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5 responses to “another (fairly short) conversation

  • the bantam menace

    ooooohhh, i wish i had a basement in which to store my piles of laundry! chris thinks dryer sheets are also a lie forced on the masses. do you have an opinion?

  • Chris

    Dryer sheets are most certainly not a lie, especially if you don’t wash clothes with fabric softener. My clothes are clearly softer when I use a dryer sheet. 🙂

  • Sebeck

    As a girl who has more than once walked through half a day until finding a sock plastered to the inside of her skirt, I fully endorse dryer sheets for their anti-static-clingness. Not the Snuggle kind though…that bear is weird.

  • mr. chris

    i have reformed my opinion on the dryer sheets as the last time i did not use them i happened to put on a pair of courduroys from the dryer and ever electrical appliance i walked past began to glow and all the hair on my body began to smolder. long live the dryer sheet!!!!
    except for the snuggle bear, he is creepy.

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