the Over the River part went just fine

It was the Through the Woods part that did us in.
On our merry way to Grandma’s house for Christmas dinner we (as in, Curt) took the corner a bit hard and lost a wheel. My first thought was that we had trapped a large elk in the wheel well. But when we got out to look…nothing- not even an antler. So we drove an inch further…got out…and found the wheel sperated from the Subaru. Now, I am the daughter of a master mechanic, people, so trust me when I tell you that when your wheel falls off something is wrong. Secretly, I was a bit pleased that the incident happened when Nascar Pete was driving. It is perhaps a hard lesson in the way of learning not every vehicle is meant to be a racecar. We left her there on the road and headed to Christmas where, among other world cuteness, Marli got a scarf and hat combo

and Pursifull-to-be made an appearance. I think he (she?) is training to be a cage fighter. Natalie, Mitch, and Scooch were kind enough to give us a ride home after the festivities. Their Honda faithfully carried the four of us, Scooch, overnight bags, presents, and a surf board, all the way home. The streets were deserted at midnight, as they well should be…all the fun stores on Fulton still displaying their holiday windows…and then we came upon an old memory.

kate: [in grand announcing style] And here we have the infamous curb that I’ve hit twice in the past two weeks!

curt: [from somewhere underneath Katie and the jackets and the presents] You hit that curb?
kate: [somewhat proudly] Yep. I hit it….the plows push the snow right over it! Last time I hit it I really thought I lost the whole engine…but everything was fine. I hate that curb, and it hates me. But I won.
curt: That’s interesting, see…because when I called your dad he actually asked me if I’d jumped anything lately and I said no and he said, ‘Oh, ’cause usually that’s what happenes when someone smacks a curb real good.’
kate: [wide-eyed and very small and very very afraid] ::: I broke the car? :::
curt: I think you broke the car. I think I helped it by driving so hard this morning, but, yes…I think you broke the car.


I broke my car.

kate’s dad after her admission: Been a rough month, huh, baby? Better start ridin’ the bus.
Merry Christmas, friends…drive safe.

Paul, can you fax me over a bus schedule when you get back?


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9 responses to “the Over the River part went just fine

  • amanda

    Why is it that there are so many pictures of you making that face? Maybe because it’s amazing.

    Merry Christmas! (sorry you broke your car)

    p.s. I leave the afternoon/early evening of the 29th for my grandparents house until the 31st.. how long is curt gone for?

  • the dicocco gang

    Oh Kate!! What a sad, sad story! Misery loves company though… did I ever tell you about the time I hit an orange cone with my side view window and smashed it to bits? “That will never do” said Billy, and he spent one hundred dollars and MANY hours putting another side mirror on my car for me. He even made it so it would move around when you pushed the little button on the inside of the dash. The exact next day, I rammed that master work of a side view mirror into the side of the garage and smashed it all over again.

  • k8

    Thank you thank you thank you, Tracy. I feel so much better now. It will be a very long time before the jokes stop, though.

    A very long time.

  • DAD

    Whose your Daddy ??

  • @m

    I am sorry to hear about your car. Really. But if it’s any constellation, everyone breaks his or her car sometimes though. The account would’ve been much funnier with a fictitious re-visitation of Sparkle though. I kinda knew you weren’t going 2 reblog about her, but I was hoping just a little big. Ok a lot.
    & U R right about what U said. I just thought anonymous sounded mysterious and handsome and other sounded like a rejected blind date or something. I don’t know . . .

  • k8

    Funny you should mention…
    While I try to keep the posts as true to life as possible (it’s seriously all true, people), I did want so very badly for Sparkle to be in there somewhere. Unfortunately, she was a no-show…which I sort of expected seeing as how she was a no-show for the Aerosmith encore. I kept expecting her to be the receptionist at Accurate Alignment or perhaps walking down the road with a cigarrette in hand as I stalled the 4-Runner at a light because my timing is still a bit off on manuals. But, alas, no Sparkle. She’ll show up again, I’m sure.

    Hey- Sugar Lips? (for our vocals, I mean…nothing personal, there, ok?) Tracy, don’t steal that.

  • Someone said


  • trase

    sugar lips huh?? I think that would be an especially sweet name if there is a giant rendition of this red polka-dotted pajama sugar-lipped picture projected on the four big screens whilst the three of you approach the mikes… think you could make that happen??

  • KatieKate

    I think I may know someone who could make that happen…and his name is Jo-El.

    I would absolutely die.

    But I will be dressing accordingly and re-discovering my southern accent for my debut on Country Sunday on the 29th, so I’m not completely above public embarrassment.

    Not that there ever any doubt.

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