the ‘excuse me?’ conversation

While hanging out with completely normal people (something we try to do regularly to keep in touch with the other half), we somehow ended up discussing shampoo and other shower-related items. While the boys were discussing hunting or something else relevant to universe stability, Brenda and I were onto to more simplistic things: the poof…the loofa…the sponge. I love this thing. It makes, like, a million bubbles of fragrant goodness with zero effort! It exfoliates (We shed 40 pounds of skin in a lifetime, people…get it off in the shower before it ends up in your couch is all I’m sayin’. Ever wonder why your grandma’s furniture is so heavy? That’s a little science education fact for ya…on the house from your resident queen of random information.). It suds. It doesn’t mold. Again, I say I love it. I love it.

[overheard from the other side of the room]

my boy: Yeah, that thing is awesome.

other [skeptical] boy: Really?

my [Dutch] boy: Yeah! You put, like, a dime-size blob of soap on there and you can clean for hours! It makes the bottle of soap last for forever!

me: Hey…you said loofas were girly!

my boy: Well, yeah, but they are pretty cool.

me: So…you’ve used a loofa?

my boy: Yeah…the one in our shower.

me: You’ve used my loofa?

my boy: On occasion, yes, in fact I have. And, yes I think they’re cool. You caught me.

*realization begins to set in*

me: You’ve used my loofa…everywhere?

my boy [realization not setting in]: Yeah. You use it just like a washcloth, right? Scrub scrub scrub!

*long pause*

me: Well, I guess I’ll be buying me a new loofa. That one’s yours, ok?

Nothing is safe. Not. One. Thing.


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6 responses to “the ‘excuse me?’ conversation

  • Chris

    -laughs- Boys are sometimes very, very dense. Thanks for my laugh of the day! Miss you. 🙂 And Abe, of course. 😉

  • diane

    Have you ever used a friend’s bathroom, and when you go to dry your hands there is no hand towel? I hate that! I really, really don’t want to dry my hands on someone’s bath towel. Ugh. It seems to happen to me a lot. Are Hand Towels going out of style? And I don’t know how to recover…do I walk back into the living room with wet hands? it’s a dilemna.

  • Katie

    Speaking of friends’ bathrooms…once Steph and I went to hang out with Chad in LA to escape San Diego for a bit. Steph had never met Chad. She was so tired when she got ready for bed that, upon realizing she hadn’t packed her toothbrush, incoherently opted to use his instead of asking for mine. The next morning, in the clarifying light of day, she woke up…went to the bathroom…remembered the night before…and began hysterically laughing. She confessed immediately and the boy was fine with it all. But, hey- wierd.

  • the dicocco gang

    Ah, the loofa. that is a delima. When only two are sharing the same bathroom it is relitively easy (as long as each knows his/her boundries)… mine is on the right, yours is on the left. But when there is one shower and 5 family members… it gets a little more complex. Do you color code? Build a little loofa shelving unit with everyone’s name on thier cubby?

  • @m

    L8-E k8-E,
    This post is especially funny; & I love the conversations U blog. Really. I think I might steal that idea sometime. That’s all I’ve 2 say.

  • KatieKate

    Meijer must be keeping you busy, eh, Lance? I’m sure you’ve got some good conversations to share.

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