we have a k-nitter down, people…a k-nitter is down

So, no one wants to talk about American heros or the Salvation Army, eh? Fine then. Be lurkers, if you want. But, you’re no daisy…you’re no daisy at all.

I have to say…the Wednesday night k-nitting club is off to a smashing I say smashing start. We have guys. We have gals. We have dogs and babies and homemade German brew (because everyone k-nits better with hops). We have k-new people (Natalie and Kristen) and k-old people (um…everyone else) and we have projects galore. Swatches, hats, madonna gloves, potholders, mittens, a satchel, and a baby blanket to boot. It’s madness, I tell you, MADNESS. Fibre and swatches and magic loops and patterns everywhere…and precious LOST in the background.

But there’s a sad chapter in this otherwise happy tale…
Curt, otherwise k-nown as Mr. Mulder, was absent last week after only one week of attendance. Was he trapped under something large? Was he diverted by other projects? Or *in shock and disbelief* is he just not “taken” with the fibre arts I (and others) have pledged my (our) life (lives) to? KP (that’s code for knitter/purler) Paul made the call (literally) by leaving the interventional message on Curt’s cell phone. Curt of course, didn’t answer…which is what happens when people get off track. They hide. They isolate. They cut off contact from their usual crowd. I returned home Wednesday night wondering if he felt lynched…if he was angry his friends called to confront…if he had given up entirely…if he was ‘out’…but he was already asleep. Hmmm. Sooner or later this topic will be dealt with. I just don’t think I can do it alone.

I am beginning to strongly dislike the blue baby blanket. It mocks me. It erases rows. It scoffs at the squeaky but washable acrylic that was chosen for it’s design. You can work for hours on it and make seemingly no progress. At this point, Wyatt will be 3 before receiving his “welcome to the world here’s a hand-k-nitted object made with love” present. Sometimes I wonder why I even try.

Actually, I know why I try. I try because I want to do my part. If I don’t buy yarn…if I don’t create…if I don’t spread the joy, the terrorists win. I will support my family and dear friends serving here and abroad…and I will do my part at home by supporting the local economy…specifically as it relates to all that is k-nitting.

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6 responses to “we have a k-nitter down, people…a k-nitter is down

  • trase

    I am not a k-nitter. It drives me mad. But I appreciate the beauty. And I adore watching OTHER people’s progress. I could be the official drink refiller and “ooh-ahh-er” of the knitting parties.

    I am not a seamstress either. But tonight, tonight I sewed my little yellow fever/hepititus/typhoid-infested heart out and finished the top of a quilt I had started SIX years ago. (six).

    Somehow, being sick draws me to pull out that thing I’ve been putting off and working with abandon. Once I painted the entire living room when I had 104 fever with strep throat (and three tiny babies and Billy out of town on business).

    Maybe it is because it is no fun to be lazy when you feel steamrolled. You can’t enjoy lounging around… so you might as well be doing something creative instead of wasting your energy being miserable. Maybe it is because you ARE already miserable so you can’t properly read those “I”m going CRAZY doing this” signs that your body is sending, so you end up working right through them.

    Whatever it is… next time I think I am going to die… I’ll be sure to get out a pair of knitting needles and some fuzzy brown yarn.

  • KatieKate

    I totally know what you’re talking about. I get that way, too. Next time we’re both sick, we make some wicked-cool potholders!

  • diane

    I bought a sewing machine for Christmas.

  • KatieKate

    We accept sewing machines in our k-nitting circle. Come play, Diane!

  • @m

    knitting & home brew! Wow, if it weren’t for the knitting I’d be there.
    Btw, how’s that Robert Paulson sweater coming?

  • diane

    waiting to hear about your k-night of k-nitting…

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