and the winner is

Miss Megan Mulder*!
WOOHOO, girlthat’s the way to start off your first day of commenting can I get a what what?! You’ve just won yourself a prize package in the form of a pair of hand-knitted Madonna Gloves (I’m serious with these games, people. Don’t think I’m not.)

* K, you already have a pair of madonna gloves.

It is indeed a barn.
A red barn. (not the one in the picture but one very similar in both size and shape minus the lower portion where the 2 windows are)
A red barn that is on the verge of landfill-dom unless someone rescues it because a big bad developer wants to build some condos. Thank goodness the demolition man is a friend of Curt’s…I mean the man walked right in his office and drove us out there!
A red barn that will be dismantled (Hello? Was that you offering to help? Pull on those Carharrts, baby, and grab a crow bar! Call me. No, seriously, call me.) before the end of February and then stored out at The Farm until we are able to build ‘er back up again.

So, uh…if ya don’t have anything to do next Saturday (the 11th), I’d love to make you a sandwich and some hot chocolate while you help me tear off siding!

The best part? It’s going to be my shop and Curt’s shop and a little apartment for long-term guests…(hint hint Ma and Pa Sebeck). It’s going to be a place where people come and stay for days on end…and wander in the woods and dig in the garden and watch movies on the backside of the barn. It’s where friends and family will come for New Year’s Eve every year with all their kids and we’ll have hay rides and coffee and candy apples and dogs. It’s going to be the “free vacation spot” where people will sign up for a week of relaxation…and we can all eat dinner together…or not…if you don’t want.

I might be crying a littlle bit right now. Maybe a little bit. ::sigh::

This will be the Friday post, as the boy and I are headed up North for the weekend with Mitch and Natalie. Y’all have a good weekend, and we’ll talk on Monday. I expect my inbox to be full of folks hankerin’ for a little physical labor next Saturday! You get first dibs on guest space!



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TexasNorth is a little farm in Western Michigan. It's home to 5 chickens, 25 longhorn cattle, a coonhound (Banjo), 1 barn cat, a husband, and 3 ridiculously funny children. The mom of this zoo has been known to mow the lawn in a skirt and roast marshmallows after dark. View all posts by texasnorth

13 responses to “and the winner is

  • OurMrsMikrut

    K, I SO was not expecting the surprise to be a barn! That is fun, I’d like to hear more about it. Sadly, we cannot help, we have bachelor/bachelorette duties to attend to that day (i.e. I don’t think you would want either of us to be wielding a hammer). If you need any help later, though, let us know for sure!

  • diane

    I’m trying to write a poem to dedicate to your barn. It’s a work-in-progress:
    a barn
    a big red barn

    here a barn
    there a barn
    everywhere a barn barn

    that’s all so far.

    I also cannot help next week. In addition to being allergic to many animals, I’m also allergic to work (according to my Grandpa).

  • KatieKate

    Oh, a barn song! Just what I wanted!!! Gracias, Diane. Grathias (that’s a little dialect action for you there).

    To the Mikruts (present and future): anytime, friends… anytime.

  • Anna

    Okay, I can’t be there to take the barn down, sadly. You know I would if I was even a few, er, states closer.

    But, if I knew far enough in advance, when there was going to be a barn raising, I might be able to be there for that. Seriously.

    Just saying.

  • OurMrsMikrut

    Ooooh! Can you have a real barn raising? With fiddles and square dancing and gossip and everything? That would be a real hoot, and all the Mikruts you know would SO be there!

  • trase

    Aaakk… I have been wrapped up in my own little world and missed out on all the fun.. AND the hand knitted Madonna gloves (which I really do want a pair of… for true).

    I would not have won them regardless… because I was guessing that Kate was getting her hair died red (it still looks like a picture of very straight red hair to me… although Im’ not quite sure what it in the corner… a large, chunky, barrette?)

  • Dad

    Will it have cable and electricity where I can plug my razor in ,,and a shower ,,,,and a easy chair and ………

  • Chris

    I’m not really even sure what Madonna gloves are.
    KatieKate, could you explain?
    I’m sure I would love them.

  • Jo

    Kate – congrats on the barn! we are so super happy for you.

    Aaron and I would love to help on the 11th. I’ll work on getting Grandma and Grandpa VanderPloeg to take Lainy!


  • Aunt Ron

    will there be ice for sippies…? Can’t raise a barn without raising my sippie too….

  • Kates dad


  • KatieKate

    Come one, come all folks…
    Jo and Aaron- that would be so great. Thank you. We’ll talk this week.

    Aunt Ron!!! I knew you were out there. You won’t need ice with all the snow around, but I’m sure we can round up some.

    Anna and Laura…we absolutely will have a barn raising when the walls go back up again- food and dancing and everything. You betcha.

    Anna: call me father. He misses you.

  • Mom

    Will there be a place for goats? You need goats.
    You’ll need to set up a long table and cover it with a quilt and put a tea kettle with wild flowers in it, for everyone to sit down and eat at just like in Sarah Plain and Tall.
    You plan on raising it when?
    We’ll be in Fort Worth for the tearing down. so sorry baby girl.

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