I think I’m, like, all creative an’ stuff…

…until I get a letter in the mail from my dear friend Anna folded up like the notes we used to pass in high school Freshman English class. Aw. Some. Thank you for making my day. What’s even better is that my mailman left me a little note with an envelope saying I owed him (and the US government) $.13 for postage because they had to tape the note onto a postcard so it wouldn’t get lost. Rarely will I pay for mail, but in this case Anna, babe, you’re worth the 13 cents. Shoot, I’d a-paid a whole dollar!

We had an Olympic K-nitting at Chez Mulder last night. I’m entered in 4 different events: Baby Blanket Insanity, Chunky Scrap-yarn Hat which is taking a long time because I have lost yet another blasted needle- #10 DPN, COME BACK!!!, Strip-ed Mittens with 3 colors because I’m an idiot, and Meg’s Like A Virgin Madonna’s (yep, they’re just yarn at this point). It’s obvious I’m way behind at this point. In fact, I think I crashed way back on the 4th turn. I just gotta cross the line on my sled to avoid the DQ and get a second run. Kristen has 3 right-handed mittens going…which is fabulous for all those people she knows with 2 right hands. Jo and I nearly killed ourselves on a little baby booty. It only has maybe 7 rows…but we absolutely cannot do it. Too hard. Surrender. I give up. Even the blasted photo didn’t turn out. Julie fought and won the battle with her mitten cuff. When all else fails, rip it out. Renae finished her first mitten- she’s a machine. I tangled my self so badly for my photo shoot that I was on the verge of ::gasp:: cutting yarn. The boys were on baby-duty tonight…we missed you, but thank you for letting the girls out of the house. Kristen swears she had fun.

Finally, people…it’s Daytona this weekend. Jimmy’s on the pole (thanks to his crooked crew chief) and Jeff’s right behind him. Tony’s already yelling about “dangerous drivers” and the like. It’s better than General Hospital, I can tell ya’ll that. When somebody gets smacked, they fly into a wall. Go big or go home, I say. Go big or go home.

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4 responses to “I think I’m, like, all creative an’ stuff…

  • anna

    Whoohoooo! I wasn’t sure they were going to deliver it — sorry about the extra postage. But I knew you would appreciate it.

    However, I can’t really take credit for being that creative. I found that online, although they said it was mailable just like a regular envelope. Liars.

    Hmmm. I wonder if I got bigger paper.

    P.S. I am continually amazed by your ability to knit things at all that aren’t in the shape of a rectangle, so hang in there.

    P.S.S. Have I told you Christian is a huge NASCAR fan now, and she and Chester are huge Tony Stewart fans? I swear, what is in the water up there?

  • bec

    Do you remember when you wrote me a letter on a popcorn box? I thought that was rather crafty myself. Camp was always good for interesting things to mail…

  • Paxton Cox

    As you can see I am a great speller too! Also as you can see my nights in the ICU with vented/sleeping patients is a very time consuming job and there is not a lot of time for blogging-hence all the additions made last night…I had to change it up alittle (I had some help from a computer RN who was also extremely busy too)-Good ole narcotics (I am just kinding:)
    The barn just embraces the sounds of FUN!!!

  • Paxton Cox

    Also check the blog I have a blast from your past…isn’t she beautiful.

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