entry #101

Well, buenos dias to you too.
I commissioned a blanket for Curt’s birthday from my mother…the only part I can take credit for is the vintage fabric selection. Curt wanted a “summer blanket”- something literally cool for those sticky, humid summer nights. It’s basically 2 sheets sewn together. He saw one at a friends house and hasn’t stopped talking about it since. I ordered quilting fabric and sent it off to Mom who has fabulous taste and a very nifty machine. Expert seamstress that she is, had a little trouble with the idea that all I wanted was two sheets sewn together. What arrived is, as you can see, amazing. Edging and trim and so so beautiful. Curt woke up on his birthday wrapped in a new blankey, and he was a happy, sursprised boy.
You saw yesterday that we have a new niece, thanks to Curt’s older sister. Sydney Tyne was born at 7:23am on Curt’s birthday. This, along with all the surprise “hot” affirmation he received throughout the day really made his birthday memorable. Thank you for being our family.
The barn is coming down tomorrow…and I think maybe the news is going to be there. A friend and producer at a local station saw the photos on the blog and thought perhaps Grand Rapids was due for a little feel-good story. Jeff said barring death and destruction (newsworthyness) somewhere else, they’d love to come out and hear the story of the Red Barn Project. YAHOO! Please pray for safety…and fun…and that I don’t misspell my name when the reporter asks.
If, say perhaps, you have a pipe missing from under the sink resulting from an “accident” a couple days before, it’s best not to use your dishwasher.

If, say perhaps, you realize it’s not a good thing to use your dishwasher because you are missing a pipe under the sink…and then you ‘cancel’ the wash cycle, it does not I repeat does not cancel the ‘rinse’ cyle.

Have a great weekend.


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5 responses to “entry #101

  • bec

    Yes Kate dear, please do spell your name right. At least you’ll make it on this time, unlike when we had the big fire at camp and the news reported that “fortunately, the area is not inhabited”. No air time for us then, none at all. Also, while on the news I think you need to show them your skills with the whip. Always impressive, always a crowd pleaser. While you’ve got them there, might as well give ’em all you’ve got. 🙂 Hate I’ll miss it!

  • KatieKate

    Oh my gosh, I totally forgot about that! They definitely said the area was uninhabited. Unbelieveable.

    Please move to Michigan.

  • amanda

    I’m so excited for you Kate. Your life is so fun.

  • Paxton Cox

    Who would have thought 2 sheets sewn together = boys birthday happiness!! And yes your mom is an expert seamstress…still have some pants made by her:) There great elastic ones…great for when you gain baby weight (the strink back too)! At first with the baby pictures I thought maybe I had lost a page of blog…and it was yours…but also figured if it was yours seeing how much attention you give to the barn that when the day comes we will get so many pictures of the precious one, it could not possibly be yours.

  • KatieKate

    I’m pretty sure the world will know when I am having a child 🙂

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