requesting a little help from my friends

So, we have this black tie thing to go to in two weeks for Curt’s work.
I have acquired this fabulous black lace skirt. It swings. It dances all by itself.
I cannot for the life of me figure out what to wear on top.
Jess, Sunday, Chels, Bec…all my girls…I trust you.
Send me item number, photos, people’s addresses!
Please note that there will be many “trophy wives” there wearing too much makeup.
Make me cute, young, and sassy.
Dad, I will not be taking any of your suggestions.
I know you will send them anyway,

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27 responses to “requesting a little help from my friends

  • KatieKate

    From the way you’re standing in the picture, it looks like you have some hip action going on there. Oh, wait. It has nothing to do with the way you’re standing.

  • sunday

    the skirt is fabulous. i love it. we can get reall sassy with that skirt. i would look for a fun gold top and some very fun strappy gold shoes. i am not talking florida gold, but more on the bronze gold side. let me see what i can find and i will send it your way. i have hips as you know and some spanx are my best friend when it comes to wearing anything dressy. it just makes things flow, especially for some curves.

  • KatieKate

    That’s what I’m talkin’ about, people. Bring it on.

    And, yes…for the love of everything, stay away from the Florida gold.

    Remember that my skin is olive.

    And I’m now offering a to-be-determined prize for the winning selection suggestion. Meg may think this is a joke, but I’m here to tell you that one of your Madonnas is finished. If all these babies would stop coming early, then I’d finish the other one.

  • sunday

    i am write back at you with the olive skin, me too!

  • DAD

    I would wear something blue ,,,possibly with a zipper in it ……. Yes I would

  • t

    I’m so not a “fashion statment in the making” … but you know Ava is the princess of style. Too bad her stuff is a size 8. IT might fit, but probably not.

    In the meen time (since I have nothing of value to add to this conversation) I am in love with the swinging, dancing skirt. I am desperate to see it in action!

  • mr. chris

    2 words….flannel vest. yup thats right! a nice red flannel zip up vest with an elegant black turtle neck underneath it.

    ……you’re welcome

  • KatieKate

    I have decided to lock my father and Chris in a room together.

    Trace, you always add value.
    Av- find me something gorgeous.

  • DAD

    OR ,, A Pat Green T -shirt ,with the sleeves rolled up a little ,AND a John Deere Hat ,,,Cocked ever so slightly ta the side …Yep Thats what I think ..

  • MOM

    You need to go back to the store where you got my denim jacket and get yourself one. It is the perfect “dressy” for you. put a sleek black top underneath with a simple yet classy necklace….still have your black boots? Earrings,,,I know you hate them but earrings make you dressed up. do it for him. Revlon has a pump makeup that will put a little glow on winter skin. it’ll brighten you up…
    they may be trophy wives but who wants to be on a shelf? Stand next to him and 2 step the night away! those trophies will get a taste of 2nd place!!!

  • KatieKate

    Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s any dancing at this gig… but I get a steak.

    Ma, I can’t wear demim to a black-tie event. It’s in the rules.

  • mr. chris

    hey if you want to show all of them what makes you such a special wife then dance regardless of if there is dancing or not.

    you’re all class no matter what outfit you find miss kate.

  • Chels

    Great skirt! I say find a fabulous black sweater set and wear pearls. The bronze shirt would be great as well…it depends on if you want the preppy, classic look or sassy sheik look.

    Any boy advice…stay far away…far, far away!

  • Aunt Ron

    Wasn’t your Daddy/Daughter song,
    “I hope you dance” .? I vote for the JD Hat and dancing, and please no demim, hello she wrote black tie….

  • KatieKate

    Oh my goodness I think my ma and my aunt are gonna throw down.

  • the bantam menace

    i say avoid black shirts because sometimes that’s really difficult to match blacks, especially when the skirt is so obviously of the lace variety.

    perhaps a dressy white shirt, and definitely earrings (they do make a difference when dressy is on the line).

    oh wait. i just reread your post and you said “cute, young, and sassy.” you should look at Charlotte Russo in the Woodland Mall. (that’s a store, not a person…no need to wander the mall calling for her..though that could be a lot of fun, too, and i would be happy to join you…and if you found her she just might know what you need)

    i’m going to suggest white, possibly with a little lace of its own (but not all lace…too much…too hard to match) and earrings and a nice necklace to finish the ensemble. it’s the little things that will make it “black tie”. you should also talk to liz. she’s fab when it comes to this stuff.

  • sunday


  • bec

    KATE… I have had the flu and been terribly out of the loop, apparently, because I have not yet gotten back to you on this. BUT, here I am now and I am ready. Half of everything that Banana has right now is pretty and gold. Or at least on their website. Our store here for some reason seems to carry minimal “real clothes” and all sorts of random lounge stuff. But I vote the way of some of those before me with something gold-ish. And definitely on the earrings. They’re a must. Just don’t put them on over your kitchen sink for fear of dropping anything down any of those poor kitchen pipes of yours that have seen their share of trauma lately, it sounds like. Fun, big, dangly ones are all the hit around here, but I live in the South, and we tend to overdo on the jewelry a little. 🙂 Okay, I feel caught up… For your next event I will try to unearth my zebra skirt that we both loved at camp. 🙂

  • sunday

    I have never meet Bec, but i think that she sounds like someone i would like, being as we are both from the south and feel very much the same on your clothing issue 🙂

  • KatieKate

    If I had the zebra skirt, there would be no issue.

    You guys rock. I especially love that Chris took the time to email a picture of a shirt he liked.

    Marie, you and Sunday are on the smae page and I think I’m with you. Sun, the Anne Taylor top is too much competetion- I saw it in the store. The skirt is the show, so I have to be careful. I’m going to hit the mall (gasp) this weekend and look for the gold and/or white options at Banana in person.

    I can’t believe I’m going in looking for a gold shirt.

    Have I mentioned that y’all rock?
    Soon, we’ll need to discuss shoes, but I feel the top is needed to aide in that decision.

  • sunday

    well if “we” go for the gold top, then those shoes that i e-maile dyou yesterday would be perfect. again katie we aren’t talking florida gold we are talking chic gold. it is making a come back. just you see. i am in this for the long haul

  • alanh

    Hey Kate,
    I think I have just the thing to make your black tie event a night to remember! Picture this…an ever so chic Christian Dior shirt, bright turquoise in color with a clever zipping pocket….if you think mine won’t fit, Gail has a matching one that might just be the ticket! With the right accessories, you just might be able to pull this off. Think about it!
    Alan (aka…friend of your parents)

  • KatieKate

    You…all of you down in Tejas are ridiculous.

    Alan, you think I’m kidding, but Curt actually digs that shirt. But you’re not safe. He been steamin’ up a plan ever since…

  • KatieKate

    Alright, folks…
    Friday is Mall Day: Mission find a shirt to complement not overshawdow the black lace while making wear-er look fabulous, young, and sassy.

    I’ll let you know how it goes.

  • mom

    Ugh, yes you can wear denim—-yankees—-sister-in-law or not,,,,not old lady powder blue, but really classy stuff but I won’t push it. What about the tops we discussed e mail…..dont forget the jewlery…tick-tock
    24 comments,,,is this a record?

  • mom

    Chico’s has a nice gold shell, simple but gets 2nd looks.

  • KatieKate

    We consider you a friend of ours now, too…especially after the zipper shirt episode.

    I’m off to the mall- I’ll let you know how it goes tonight. And, yes- this is a record number of comments. Who knew lace could have such an effect on people?

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