peace and quiet

Raise your hand if you love Mr. Bubble!

I see that hand, thank you. Thank you.
Thank you.
God Bless you.
You in the back, I see that hand.
Thank you.
God bless you.
I love Mr. Bubble.
He’s in an innertube, which admittedly is strange, but I like him.
It’s the smell, really. One wiff takes you back to Saturday night baths and wet slicked-back hair with comb streaks in it…footie pajamas that were a little too small…and an extra episode of the Cosby Show. Good stuff, people.
Bec will tell you my favorite smell is- and I’m totally serious- summer through a metal screen. There’s something about it…specifically evening when your pressed up against the window screen watching the stars come out when it’s still barely light out. Makes everything seem slow and old and easy.
Cold cold crisp winter air and cigarrete smoke takes me immediately to Germany…Garmisch, to be specific. The Abrams Hotel and walking out to the car after cleaning up from a full day of skiing…Dad with a Camel in his hand.
Mom wore WindSong for years…maybe you still do? It only smells right on you. I think I’ll start telling other women that, because the rest of those bottles should be discontinued. One wiff of that stuff on a granny while your trapped in an Oldsmobile can kill ya.
Grandpa Murray- when I knew him- always smelled like oil and car grease…like the garage. It’s a very close second for me.
I’m a big memory person. I remember everything. Clothes, words, faces…and especially smells and music.
But the music will be another day.
Have a great weekend.
Monday: “the reveal” and tips on how to survive the mall when you know where you want to go but the people won’t let you pass…

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4 responses to “peace and quiet

  • sunday

    I was just at merri-mac the other day, and the smell raced me back to such happy memories. smell is a very powerful thing. i love what you wrote. i love a campfire, and the smell of summer at camp. it is so distinct.

  • Megs

    Mark told me that Curt and him had fun the other night. Typical boys and there toys. Anyway I hope that he came in handy. Talk to you later. Oh and I also love Mr.Bubble in fact maybe him and I will have a date today. To bad I don’t have any footie pj’s.

  • the bantam menace

    i also remember everything…
    my favorite smell is the smell of my dad’s shop…grease and solvent and all that other stuff.

    i also love the smell of smoke…especially from recently snuffed out candles or matches. it reminds me of how i would sneakily light matches when my parents weren’t around (because we weren’t allowed to) and also of how my sister and i almost set our property on fire. (well, we DID, but we stomped it out before it got very far.)

  • diane

    here’s your Red Barn poem!

    A Haiku:
    Offering shelter
    to tractors, livestock and stuff,
    rebuilt new by Kate

    by John Despres

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