poetry and prose aside

“Well, holy crap,” to quote Daniel Charles. “Try to lay off the bottle a bit for the next few months, eh?” Sound advice from my younger brother, and a newlywed at that. Kids are so mature these days.

I’m pregnant, people. I fluxuate daily between wanting to bite people on the arm for spite and wanting to run barefoot through a grassy field a la Little House on the Prairie. And my hormones aren’t the only thing changing around here. I’ve gained 3 pounds. Curt thinks I’m making this up, but PUHlease why would I? If I continue to gain at the rate I started, I’ll be well over 300 pounds by the time Peanut arrives. My pants make me feel awkward. Frumpy. It’s going to be a summer of skirts, I can already tell, and that makes me very very happy. But what until then? I think my arms have gotten a bit longer, too. I tried on three shirts this morning and all of them were too short in the sleeves. Curt says I’m making this up, too, but PUHlease why would I?

Overall, I’m feeling fantastic- no complaints. Peanut is the size of a piece of rice, has a heartbeat, and is beginning to grow eyelids. I’m trying to get enough rest for the both of us. Saturday I put myself to bed at 8pm (after A&M lost to LSU in the last 4 seconds and my attitude went a bit south), slept for 13 hours, and then took another fabulous nap at 1pm. I’m good at sleeping. Abe weighs me down and we take in a little General Hospital everyday with our eyes closed from 3-4pm. There’s no sense lying about it. Emily should not be with Sonny and that’s that.

Cravings? Yes. Absolutely everything from here…and the Michael Miller fabric shown above. I’m obsessed with it. You were prolly wondering about food- and yes…I crave it. All the time.


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11 responses to “poetry and prose aside

  • Paxton Cox

    Fantastic Fabric…very vintage with a flare!! Do you have an instinct boy or girl…you seem to be leaning toward the girl side in the posts/comments. They say instinct is pretty accurate. I knew without a doubt boy…maybe I was trying to trick myself with the little chance it would be a girl…I would not trade my boy however.

  • miss chris

    I forgot to tell you… my mom calls me Peanut. Still. Lol. But it indeed was a result of me being ‘a little peanut’ as a newborn.


  • OurMrsMikrut

    I learned once in a class that at some point later in pregnancy, hormones are released that are specifically designed to slow fetus growth. If this didn’t happen, humans would weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 lbs at birth!

    Doesn’t that make you feel better? And isn’t the human body amazing? Isn’t our Grand Engineer amazing to have thought of such a thing? Praise God for those pesky hormones, that’s all I have to say…

  • Aunt Regina

    Congratulations ! If you think your hormones are bad now….wait until you turn 50!

  • Dad

    I’m stocking up on Red Licorice

  • Jo

    beoming a loyal viewer of general hospital is a must for motherhood! it’s 3-4 pm time frame is the perfect relaxing snooze time to get through the day! way to join the ranks early Kate! what do you think of jax and carly??

  • KatieKate

    Jo: I am laughing so hard right now I can hardly stand it. Jax and Carly. Oh my. I really think she’s the best actress on there- she’s awesome. And I think they’re perfect for each other.

  • Jo

    Kate: Carly is a good actress – not to mention one heck of a mom. I mean seriously, it would be a tragedy for us not to learn from the motherly wisdom she projects on the show!! #1 – hire a fabulous nanny named Letisha to do all real child rearing work. #2 – when you are tired of your kids, take a break at your local sanitarium. And #3 – always always always use your kids to manipulate any situation in your favor. And our husbands wonder why we watch?!!

  • Anonymous

    OOOOOhhhh!! KATE! You’ll love this I bet!


    I do anyways. . . I LOVE that you guys are having a baby! To me there is no better news in the world than that of two great (super awesome fabulous rad) people expecting a child. You better start looking for a good sitter now so you can keep coming to Torah after the Peanut pops!

    Also, I hope that I can work things out so that Jeremy & I can come to the fondooooo party on Saturday! Is it at THE house – the one you were telling me about?

  • The Watts

    Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you guys! Motherhood is so much fun. You are really going to love it. I look forward to reading all about this new adventure of yours–and I’m here if you want to hear from someone who’s been there. Pretty much wherever “there” is. (My pregnancies and children pretty much cover eveything I think).

  • KatieKate

    Oh, Stephanie, you should not have shown me that website. So very very tempting. I must make that nappy bag- adorable.

    I’m expecting you at fondue.

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