the sun is out

It is. I’m geeked.
Last night the group-o-k-nitters re-conveened after a bit of a hiatus that had absolutely nothing to do with arguments over fibre or pattern choices or even knitting style (the typical things that plague most groups…we’ve been warned, but I really think we’re different). No, it’s just been busy. I offer you photos from a couple weeks ago because I neglected to bring my camera last night. I was greeted by a fabulous sign and a teeny tiny present of boy and girl shoes…so we are officially ready. The child will have shoes.

As you can see: some knit, some don’t…some occasionally use k-nitting tools for things other than k-nitting…it’s a free-moving group and that’s what keeps us together. Paul is off and running on short rows…which means socks are just around the corner. Jo, Kristen, and Julie are faithfully finishing mittens. Natalie is 75% done with her first floor cushion. The blue baby blanket still hates me, and the intended recipient is getting bigger by the day. Aaron counteracts the stress of Airplane Engineering at Men in White Shirts and Khakis, Inc. by knitting cigar gloves…I’m thinking a career change is in order. You’re all fabulous. I’m so proud. Proud like the mamma that I am.

Saturday is a night of Fondue Goodness at 650 Kellogg (read: here). I own zero fondue pots and outlets are scarce in this house which would initially spell disaster, but lemme tell you this party is gonna be fabulous. Nine- 9- recipes are ready to go! There are no invitations because absolutely everyone is invited…and their neighbors. Why not? My house will see a transformation like no other today and tomorrow as I clean…SPRING clean, I say optimistically. Away with the dust and grime of winter! Be gone! I’m sure today and tomorrow will be laden with naps every half hour or so- I’m tired just thinking about it. See you 6pm-ish Saturday night.

I may already be in bed, but I’m sure you’ll all have a fabulous time.

And, are you following my friends the DiCoccos across Africa? If you’re not, you are now. Oh mylanta…tears.

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