meet Sniper Jo and Citizen Kate

Have I mentioned before that we have fabulous friends?
All. Over. The. Place.
Good people.

A couple weeks ago, on a beautiful almost Spring-like Saturday, the Schoens and the Mulders headed out to the Farm for a little hiking, a little dog swimmin’, and a little target practice. Jere is an avid hunter and has two beautiful dogs- Drake and Trigger (of whom there are no pictures because they are of blur of speed and energy). Mr. Schoen is also a cop, and I’ve noticed Curt uses his blinker more when they’re following us. Thanks, guys. The water was high and the dogs were happy happy happy (happy x3). JoAnn works at Pottery Barn, which made us instant friends for life, though I did feel they need to confess that all our dishes and glasses were Crate and Barrel. It’s good to get those things out there and deal with them so they don’t become problems later.

Safety first, people, safety first. JoAnn and I received both handgun and rifle lessons…I’m a good shot from 10 feet away, people…watch out. Jeremy wins the prize for being able to shoot the letter ‘J’ in the target. I can’t tell you what I spelled…it’s in a language you wouldn’t understand and I’m not up to explaining today. It was a very good time. It made me anxious to be out at the Farm 24-7…to make this driveway thing happen and get the Barn raised again. That place makes me unbelievebly calm. I can’t wait to open the doors to all of you.

Peanut Report
weight gain: 4.5 pounds
jeans that fit: 2
cravings: cheese cheese and cheese
sickness: 3 on a scale of 100
tiredness: 99 on a scale of 100

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3 responses to “meet Sniper Jo and Citizen Kate

  • mr. chris

    can i just tell you how great it was to see you in the flesh (well, not JUST in the flesh, you were clothed) at church last week. bumping into you made the rest of my day that much more beautiful.

    we should run into each other in front of the ladies room more often!

  • sunday

    Oh i wish that i could bump into you in the flesh, well with clothes on :). i guess black mountain, nc is just too far for something like that to happen. I am thilled for you and curt and little Peanut. what a wonderful time in life!

  • KatieKate

    If I knew you hung out in front of the ladies bathroom at church, I’d frequent there more often 🙂

    And, yes, people, I was clothed. And, no, Adam, I didn’t drop the wire in the potty this time.

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