it’s FRIDAY…and other short stories

I love Fridays (insert little dance here). I almost wish I had a school bell installed in this house just to get the full effect of being released from a week’s work. I cheated and started early…like, last night. AND, a thunderstorm is coming. Love it.

30 days until my parents finally get to meet Peanut when Curt and I travel to Cleveland for a cousin’s wedding. I think Dad is bringing red licorice. I’ve tried to tell him that Peanut is still too young for red licorice, but it really just doesn’t matter. Y’all know my dad?

Abe’s 1st bed came in the mail yesterday from Duluth. It’s gi-normous and fluffy and navy and perfect. He, of course, preferred equally-gi-normous the box it came in. Kids are weird.

Curt (with Abe on a leash) and I rode our bikes to EastTown last night because Peanut needed a Black&White gyro from Sammi’s. The 69 degree weather was perfect and smelled like spring and rain. Abe ran the entire way. I sat outside on the cheap flimsy patio furniture while dad ordered. Abe crashed on the sidewalk…his leash secured over the toe of my Saucony’s…but that dog wasn’t going anywhere. Until, I should say, he saw the pretty dog parked at the meter behind me…at which point he bolted and I was pulled 3 feet backwards by my left toe while holding the precious Black&White gyro while sitting in the flimsy patio chair by a 100# dog who could really care less. I, of course, yelled, “Curt, help me!” because goodness knows I wasn’t going to set the gyro down and stand up to save myself. That dog can be fast when he wants to. Very. Fast.

A dear friend of ours is getting engaged tonight. Looks like we’ll be headed to Fargo before the end of the year. I guess chicks from Fargo really are hot.

Baby Jane turns one today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Dance nekid for all EastTown to see, baby!
Baby Jane’s mom told us at our wedding that Kate+Curt=skinny, abnormally fast, sarcastic kids.
I don’t think she’s far off. What do you see for Peanut?

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7 responses to “it’s FRIDAY…and other short stories

  • Dad

    I see probably a good mechanic,common sense ,with a good sense of music as ta tell the differance between the who and the guess who …… Or ta pick out the very first notes of a flute from Ian Anderson,(while) carrying on a conversation too…. Yep thats what I see………………….

  • Dad

    OOOHHHH and eating red licorice as a baby in a stroller,I see that too………………….

  • sunday

    what’s a gyro?
    i know that peanut will be loyal, and so hilarious. and peanut will have to have great hand-writing, that will be a requirement!

  • sunday

    oh my goodness, a GYRO, you mean a sandwich. oh i am so not here this morning. please forgive me :0

  • diane

    I have to agree with you – there is nothing quite so wonderful as a school bell to mark the end of school/the beginning of the weekend! My Spring Break started Thursday at 3:02!

  • mr. chris

    hey ah, kate? is there any chance your friend in Fargo might read your blog before tonight? or do you have limitless friends in N.D. and now there are hundreds of people with their hopes up?

    oh kate, what have you done?……
    what have you done?

    love ya!
    mr. chris

  • KatieKate

    Fortunately, no, Mr. Chris. I don’t think my fan-base has reached beyond the Grand River and a few pockets planted in Texas and California. Fargo should be safe.
    Though, you bring up a good point.

    If there were any random readings from Fargo this week: I apologize for getting your hopes up if you’re not engaged by right this very second.

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