someone…anyone…HELP me

I’ve fallen under 2 months of laundry and I can’t get up!

That’s a 5 gallon bucket on the right-hand side for those of you needing a little perspective. That makes that mountain about 3.5 feet tall. No lie. Curt has worn dirty socks the past 2 days. I, too, have done things I’m not proud of in the last couple days. I just need help. We haven’t been home. We don’t want to do laundry. It’s been beautiful outside. I’m pregnant. What’s it going to take for the laundry fairies to come??? Or is that a lie, too? I swear. The Easter Bunny and the Laundry Fairy all in one year? I can’t take it.

In other pathetic news, this was the hat on 4 double pointed needles that were shredded by 1 Mister Abraham of Kellogg. Notice there are no needles attached to the hat anymore. Notice the beautiful ribbing and the beginning of a super cute brown stripe. The hat was in-progress for the Red Thread Project, but alas no more. I just can’t bear to donate a top-less hat to a cancer patient whose sweet head is in need of warmth and not extreme ventilation.
Please note the lush green grass in the background…it is purposely unmowed to celebrate Spring and green and…uh, I’m pregnant.

Jo reports baby socks can get stuck in your washing machine tube and plug up the system.
I sense in that PSA somewhere an implication that little kiddos are supposed to wear socks.
So…no diapers and old-t-shirts? Yer talkin’ full-on clothing, but smaller? We need to readjust our budget.
I was planning on a full 2 years of nekid-kid syndrome.

And finally, we had a meeting of the minds last night. In true 650 Kellogg SE fashion, our living room was filled with laughter and hilarity and strawberry milkshakes. Mr. Chris and the Bantam Menace stopped by with Lisa to look at our house that is verbally for sale. K Moore must have caught wind of the off-the-record meeting and mosy-ed on over with Julie and Natalie in-tow to preach about her house also being for sale. Blogs united. Worlds collided. Everyone met everyone in real-live person. K-nitters and Calvin grads and suite-mates reunited and mad stories ensued…somehow ending in the realization that BOTH Rie and Kristen are Notaries…and why has this been a secret all along? Secrets are everywhere. And they hurt, people…they hurt.

My favorite part of the evening was when Curt announced to the Chris, Marie, and Lisa:

“So ya know…that room back there?” [points to the back bedrooms they’ve just come out of] “That’s where all the magic happens.”

“uh…” (as my eyes begin to water and my jaw flops open in disbelief)

“You know…the blog? That’s where it all happens…in the guest room.”

My face is still red. I’m sure their faces are still red, too. There was much much laughing.

I’m going into the dungeon now.
If you don’t hear from me by Friday, puh-lease send someone down there to rescue me.


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