it’s 3:48pm on Monday…a little late, but I’m here

I passed a church marquee sign that read “Christ Lives!” on the way home.
The ‘L’ in Lives! was an upside-down number 7.
This reminded me immediately of 2 things:

  1. I can live without church marquee signs. All of them.
  2. Playing “Heads-Up 7-Up” on rainy days in Mr. Kirby’s 2nd grade class. No one ever picked me because I aways guessed right. I always guessed right because I always peeked through my folded arms at the shoes of the people walking around. Sneaky, I know.

It was also in Mr. Kirby’s class that I legitimately learned to read. PENCIL. That was the first printed word I ever comprehensively recognized. From then on, I was in love with reading…and I was fast. I would finish my worksheets before he finished explaining them. Once, seeing I had already scribbled in my answers, he stopped talking, quietly took my paper, erased my answers, wrote in new answers, and then erased those so I couldn’t re-trace what I’d originally put down. Double Sneaky.

It was my first lesson in slowing down. It was obviously effective…I remember it like it was yesterday.

Many of you know our lives here are changing in the Mulder house. Curt accepted a promotion, I put in notice at my work, we bought a little house and a lot of property, we’re having a wee little one in November. Big changes. But it’s all in the theory of simplification. Sell everything. Build smaller, more efficient. Less committments. More fellowship. More space. More quiet. More simple. It has become our motto…I see it everywhere now.

Thanks for supporting and encouraging us along the way.


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