I’d a been here earlier ‘cept for the fact that I had to go down nearly every aisle in the Meijer parking lot trying to remember where I parked ‘Boo.’

I try not to make mid-week stops at the grocery store- for several reasons largely including bizarre people with bizarre-er children in the cereal aisle…but this was a special occasion. About 2 months ago, Connie was diagnosed with breast cancer. Phil, her husband, and I work together…and there are only 5 of us in the office anyway, so it’s a pretty tight family. Many of you know the Warners family…many of you have had a brother of Phil’s at Christian High or Calvin or perhaps Phil’s dad, even. They’re all teachers. If you don’t know Connie, suffice it to say there is an angel fighting a war out there and it has been an unexpected journey for all of us. If you don’t know Connie, Kev would say “she’s hot”…and he’s right- she’s an unbelieveably gorgeous woman with 4 kids…and breast cancer.

So, we decided we’d each take a week and buy food….buy toilet paper…buy freeze pops (well, I did, anyway…who doesn’t love freeze pops?) and stock their fridge. But then we realized we’d have to stand there and hand Phil a bag of food each week and look pitiful and pious…and so Bonnie came up with the swell idea of buying them a freezer. A freezer! Can we do that? Can you just buy someone a major appliance at Sears and load it up and take it to their house? Yes. Yes, you can. And now we can keep it full without with awkwardness of “charity” and such…and it’s so amazing. We bought them a freezer. And I bought them freeze pops. And I lost my car.

Last week a bunch of people were coming over to to their house to do a mass mailing for summer camp and she realized she’d forgotten to buy paper plates for the pizza later. She called a friend who was on his way…”Hey! It’s Connie,” she said, “I forgot to buy plates for tonight. Would you mind stopping on your way? I have breast cancer, you know.” Funny funny people. Funny.

Go find someone you love and buy ’em a freezer. It’s really an amazing thing, is what I’m sayin’.


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