144 versus 167

…some miniature lilacs outside our dining room…I love me some lilac…

Yesterday at my 2nd pre-natal doctor’s appointment I learned that the heartbeat is still nice and strong but 20 beats per minute slower. This, compared to the first time, solidifies the fact that we are having either a girl or a boy. Mom had a dream that it’s a girl. Renae had a dream that it’s a boy. Hailey and Marli are certain it’s a girl. We’ve always assumed we’re having a boy (for no particular reason). Peference? The old-fashioned-ness in me would love to have a boy first…to be the big brother…to help on the farm…to eliminate having first-child-syndrome AND girl-weirdness in the junior high years. On the otherhand, the girl in me would love to have a little sidekick- wild and free…and someone to sew rompers out of vintage floral fabric for. It just really doesn’t matter. Either way, kid has to ride on a tractor and go antique-ing with me, so saddle up.

I also found out that I’m Rh(-), which in layman’s terms (thank you LBO) means I have to get a shot so that my body doesn’t make antibodies aganist the poor child when it’s blood mixes with mine in the third trimester and birth. Excellent…the part about the shot AND the part about my body thinking the baby is an alien. Love it.

I officially got the OK to fly at 33 weeks as long as I continue to have a shamelessly easy pregnancy, so I will be returning to the Home Country the first week in October. Someone please notify the the BlueBell Ice Cream factory.

My offical last day of work is June 8th. I’ve committed to one volunteer day per week throughout the summer to complete a project I started and a few other days here and there, but in the greatest sense of the word, I shall be finito. What will I do, you ask? Oh Lordy. I’m ready. Step 1: I sent off my handwriting today to make it into a viable font. Step 2: I’ve researched Etsy shops (personal web store fronts strictly for handmade goods) Step 3: I’ve collected trailers and trailers of wood to make signs and such. Step 3.5: I’ve acquired a cool barn from which to work from- this type of thing always seems to make people want to buy your fabulous stuff. Step 4: I’ve been stalking other moms/gals who do this stuff regularly…and find myself ridiculously infatuated with: Little Birds, A Bird in the Hand, SouleMama, all buttoned up, and angry chicken…just to name a few. So very fun.

Now taking suggestions for naming the Etsy shop…have at it.
Harrison? Mady? Avery? I’m thinkin’ you’re on this one.
Many happy BBQs to you all this Memorial Day weekend.

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17 responses to “144 versus 167

  • sunday

    and why would you be collecting wood for signs? are there cool projects within that stack of wood? say making signs for friends to put in there home? will you please explain step one too. for those of us not sure that that means. you are so creative. i am so envious. i know envy is not good, but it is true i am!

  • Miss Christine

    I learned about the Rh- ‘problem’ in my BioAnthro class this past semester…. it’s cool that I knew what you were talking about! 🙂

    P.S. Whether girl or boy, I’m sure you’ll love her/him the same. 😀

    P.P.S. I guess I’m not really sure what Step One is about, either. Sounds cool, though…

  • KatieKate

    So, vLetter.com will take you handwriting and turn it into a font for Windows, but they do it really really well- with numbers and punctuation and all that jazz. A lot of businesses use it to make things more “personal”…I’m hoping to use it to make painting things…like quotes on wooden boards…in my own handwriting a little more consistant but still me. We’ll see.

  • sunday

    Katie~ that sounds amazing. I love it!!!

  • Miss Christine

    Oh, sad… I love my Apple too much and thusly fonts for Windows don’t help me. 😉

  • KatieKate

    You can do it for Apple too!

  • mom

    I had the shot, you get the shot…sorry kiddo…shoulda warned you. Still in the hip?
    After you make your signs that say, love, respect,
    dance like no one is watching. ..
    you can’t scare me, I teach…
    be sure to make one that says,
    “No Whining”
    love mom

  • Renae

    Just think, if the baby is Rh+ you get another shot after the baby is born, if it is like you and Rh- you should get by with just one hip shot.

  • KatieKate

    Ya’ll are really no help- especially you nurse types.

    Mom, if I’m negative and you’re negative, you shouldn’t have had to have the shot!

    I may just have this kid in the closet and not tell anyone.

  • erica skoglund

    Just so you know…i read your blog constantly…and I too am infatuated with the same crafty ladies that you are. I have been collecting vintage fabrics and attempting to make things with the dream of selling them in a funky shop or on Etsy…
    Congrats on making all these fun dreams a reality…and congrats on the family to be, if i havent said it yet out loud i have thought it tons of times while reading about your adventures.

    Chris says hi!!

  • KatieKate

    Oh, sweet New Englander friend.

    Curt and I just decided yesterday to drive your way for a little camping vaction in June. We should chat so we can hit so good spots on the way.

  • The Watts

    I certainly hope I will get to see you when you are in Texas!

    On that Rh thing: Your mom probably had to get the shot because she was negative, but they didn’t know you were before you were born. I solved that little problem by scanning the applicants for “husband” very carefully and picking one with my same O- blood type.

  • KatieKate

    Very smart, Mandi…these are things no one told me to look for in a husband. Hello?

  • diane

    i just got an email from Don and would like to share it with you…

    may I please have your email addy?


  • KatieKate

    You bet! Send it to kate(at)camproger(dot)org.
    I sat next to Don this morning at church…we chatted about his visit to the school. So very very good.

  • mom

    Dunno, but I got the shot right after you were born. In the hip. They took blood cont. throughout the 9 months. I felt like a pin cushion. I’m told I have AB- blood…

  • The Zoo


    What is Etsy? It sounds interesting!

    I too had the Rhogam shot before and after. Its not that bad and I hate shots! After giving birth, no little shot is going to bother you!

    Can’t wait to see what you create to sell!

    Love you! Renee

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