Dear Grand Rapids at-large,

I know it’s so very difficult in these days of blazing heat, non-airconditioned 100 year-old homes, and rusted-out Accords, but please refrain from driving/mowing/painting/yard sale-ing sans shirts (men) and/or sports bra only (that’s for you ladies out there). While undoing an extra button is slighty Miami (Higgins), it is an ethical option in these days-o-swelter. Your behavior yesterday- the Lord’s Day no less- was appalling. And just so we’re clear…this includes all neighborhoods. Having a Cayman-Island-business-trip tan does not exclude you and your gut, EGR natives. It’s just. too. much, people. I cannot handle it.
Sincerely and always yours,

Mary Kathryn

In other news…I am in way over my head with Peanut’s new sweater. *warning: fibre lingo ahead* I started a new one because I left the pattern for the old one at Kristen’s house and can’t be bothered to go retrieve it, so I started a new one…denimn with green stripes. I cast-on for the infant size, measured after a (long) while and realize my tension had turned it into a 1-2 year-old size. Rather than start anew with lighter yarn or smaller needles I decided I was brilliant enough to fudge the pattern and make it work. Mhhmmm. Pregnancy has made me optimistic, if not overly confident. Pray for me. The sleeves will be a whole ‘nother story. This sweater could easily turn out to be like Theo’s Gordon Cartrell shirt that Denise offered to sew for him in one of my favorite Cosby episodes.
And finally, some memories from Memorial Day…
We spent the morning and afternoon at Lincoln Lake with the grandparents and family and then headed to John Ball Park for a little cook out and frisbee. Here are my first (barely) pregnant photos…in the middle of 17 weeeks. Please meet, if you haven’t already, Kristin (brunette) and Renae (blonde)- whom I love desperately and truly.
Peace to you and yours…as it was, as it is, and as it ever shall be and all that jazz. See you Thursday.

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