Festival Weekend

oh what a time…
Company Picnic (read: a lot of small talk in-between hamburger bites) on Friday,
Festival downtown on Saturday (read: food and funnel cakes and craft booths and, oh yeah, a 30 minute hail storm), Bonfire with friends Saturday night (read: mmmmm….chocolate cake and doritos), Festival all Sunday afternoon (read: no hail, more funnel cakes, and some ice cream).

I am, to be frank, social-ed out. I was pretty much done after the company picnic Friday night…those of you who know me well can imagine. People, a heads up: there is no “stork parking” at the Ballpark. Can you see the green rooftop of the stadium in the distance? No? It’s because it’s REALLY. FAR. AWAY. We parked on gravel. Grav-el. And then I had the pleasure of this conversation:

woman I don’t know but whose husband works with Curt: So! I hear you’re pregnant!
lil’ ol’ me: Yeah…we’re due November 11th.
widkbwhwwc: Oh, that’s fantastic. How’ve you been feeling?
lom: Thanks! We’re really excited. Actually I hate telling people this, but I’ve felt great.
widkbwhwwc: No sickness? No hives? No nothing?
lom: Honestly, no. Just a little tired at the beginning, but now- nothing. It’s been wonderful.
widkbwhwwc: Well…you know, there’s a word for you people…
lom: um…lucky?
widkbwhwwc: BREEDERS.

I kid you not. Dad, that woman called me a breeder.

Below, you’ll find pictures from Festival this weekend…some taken by the nieces…if that helps explain anything. A quick parenting lesson I learned this weekend (before the gratuitous photos): balloons always end in heartbreak and tears. Every. Time. Balloons are bad. Ice cream is good. (and yes, that’s June hail on my car)


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