Oh, sweet Blogger, why do you persecute me?

[updated: The Blog Monster still does not seem to want to post any pictures for me. Ive linked to Flickr for you.]
Yer havin’ quite a day, eh, Blogger? Wait. Let me Save Draft real quick like…

Alrighty. I have exactly 10 minutes to recreate last evening’s efforts before I must gather myself, my dog, and all related gear into a manageable pile on the front porch- to be picked up by our Curt and whisked away to Platte River campground and all its relaxing wonderfulness. Giddy up.
Save Draft.
Tada! Peanut sweater #2 is finished…forgive the un-creative photo and poor lighting, but my husband, God bless him, was outside mowing the lawn in an ARMY shirt with the sleeves cut out, engine-grease-stained cargo pants ripped off at the knees, and a belt. A belt, people. I couldn’t take any chances. This pattern is the exact same as the Oatmeal one beneath it but in a different color with a different yarn and different side seams (because I’m a geek).
Save Draft.
I am putting all of you on alert this fine garage-sale-ing season: buttons and fabric (linen napkins, curtains, cute old dresses, etc etc.)…I’ll pay you back. That’s yer mission. I’ll pay you back. Do me proud.

Chels, this next story is for you. [Hey, Chelsey just joined the blogging world! Y’all be nice and go say hello.]
Apparently, beauty is not always in the eye of the beholder

GAHHN, the darn thing went down again due to another “unexpected problem.”
Boo. See that last save draft? You thought I was kidding.
I will not be defeated without a glorious, though perhaps futile, battle.
I’m not as dumb as I claim to be.


The Mulder brothers have an amazing ability to stop soccer balls with their faces/heads/eyes during Rec League games. It’s pretty darn impressive. These 2 photos were taken Tuesday night, but by this morning the ‘eyeliner’ had crept coast to coast along the left eye. He’s still beaming with pride.
Save Draft.
I don’t have any cool injury stories.
Wait. I lied.
One time- at a State competition, no less- I got a major paper cut from my sheet music.
It bled like crazy.

AND…in about 6 months I’m gonna shoot a baby out.

We’re off to the woods.
Y’all be good.
Find me some buttons.


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