less and more

There are only 2 DPN #2 needles in the package I bought this morning to celebrate my semi-retirement.
This is less because the Crystal Palace warehouse missed the other 3 needles and more because Abraham ate them while I was at Curt’s soccer game. He really has a thing for bamboo needles.

Curt’s team lost tonight.
This is less because they are a poor team and more because they played the international team…read: the Nigerian expatriate team. It was not so much a game of 2-way soccer but more of “let’s place ourselves around the field and see how long we can prevent them from scoring” kind of game. They were lucky to hit 30 seconds. Truly- this team is amazing to watch. Somehow, their feet don’t hit the ground and they can aim to within inches with a shot from their heads. It’s awkward to cheer for the other team- but I am not ashamed. I applaud talent under any circumstance.

I vacuumed today.
This is less because I am a fantastic housewife and more because I was desperate to avoid going out back and having to talk to one of my neighbors across the fence. He will absolutely talk your ear off. I find myself scrambling to find something to dust when I see his car in their driveway. Mom, you can imagine how serious a situation this must be, eh?

Tomorrow, I will be searching the 42 aisles of Meijer for Farley’s Fruit Snacks.
This is less (or not at all) because we have a kindergartener at home who loves them for her 3 o’clock snack and more because there is a 28 year old VP at 650 Kellogg SE who does a happy dance when he sees them in his brown lunch bag.

Who’s up for a Cherry Italian Soda at Kava House?


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7 responses to “less and more

  • Miss Christine

    I’m pretty certain that, for me, fruit snacks will carry a place even in my eighty-year-old heart. I completely understand this.

  • FaithChristine

    You can get gigantic farley’s fruit snack bags from Sam’s Club (grape, cherry and strawberry flavors too!)….it’s worth checking into. 🙂

  • sunday

    I love Italian Soda!! I mean love it! This LESS because I am Italian and MORE because you can’t beat something that refreshing in the summer time. I have one for me.

  • KatieKate

    Sunday, come here right now and we’ll go get one. Come on. Get movin’.

  • sunday

    lets see how long does it take. i shoul dbe there in about T minus 12 plus hours.

  • Jo

    Kate – Lainy and I are always up for an italian soda at Kava! Perhaps an arrangement can be made that we meet you there sometime! And from there we could mosey to wilcox if you are up for walking. we are always around!

  • the dicocco gang

    I AM Italian… but I’ve never actually HAD an Italian soda. Fizzy water and syrup. I just don’t know.

    oh, wait… I’m not Italian, I MARRIED an Italian. That lets me off the hook I guess. ALthough my kids have never had half an Italian soda- which, I suppose, by all biological rights, they need to have. When we get back we’ll have to walk down to Kava House to find out what all the fuss is.
    I can always cross the street to get a lassi , which I do love. And I’m not even Indian either.

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