my new love

Blogger and I are working on our relationship. I believe that slowly but surely we will get back to the place where we once were… where we trusted each other, where we knew each others’ thoughts, where we looked out for one another, where I could post more than one photo per day. Slowly. But surely.

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This lady to your right is how I’ve been dressing lately since not playing in the woods everyday and becoming a “housewife”…or not. But is is how I’m feeling these days: about summer, about “not working,” about pregnancy, about life in general.

And now I shall introduce youto my new love: Bloglines. Yer gonna love this. Faith mentioned a similar service a few weeks ago, and I know all the pros use something like it, so I sat down one my second day off and was determined to figure it out. See, I read a lot of blogs. But they don’t necessarily have new stuff everyday (Daniel-son). So I spend stupid time going to my blog, clicking on someone, clicking the ‘back’ button, going to the next one, reading for 20 minutes when I’m supposed to be sleeping, going to my ‘bookmark’ list, clicking on someone there…basically, fishing for fun and wasting a lot of time when I could/should be outside, designing, reading, calling my grandmother, etc. But I’m a changed person now. I’m all about efficiency.

So, here’s the scoop. There’s an easy button down in the left column of my blog to get you started. Basically what this bugger does is let you make a list of folks you like to check in on (or news reports or NASCar or anything) and then it tells you when there’s new stuff to read. Fabulous. It’s free. It’s changed my life. Let’s everyone do it, shall we? Make a little account. Download the dohicky for your computer. Type in all your favorites. Install the notifier (which puts a little blue ‘B’ down by the time on yer pacuter) and then when there’s something new, the little ‘B’ turns red. When you doubleclick on the ‘B’, it takes you to your list and shows you who to read. Brilliant. Now, erase the 50 folks you have as favorites on you bookmark list and fill it up with fabric shops instead. WIth all the time I’ve just saved you, you can go garage sale-ing with me.

And, finally, my folks are famous. (They’re in the middle of the world’s longest post.)
Try not to hold my Dad’s legs against him.


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2 responses to “my new love

  • OurMrsMikrut

    Wonderful. Splendiferous. I shall take advantage of that as soon as I regain feeling in my index finger. It’s a little numb from the hours of clicking “back” and “favorites.” I do hope it’s not too late to save the finger…

  • FaithChristine

    Yay for RSS feeds and similar things…though sometimes I still check some people’s sites, JUST to be sure my RSS reader didn’t miss it… 🙂 Glad to be of service!

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