The photos were loading and I wasn’t taking any chances…here’s a surprise Tuesday for ya!

Peanut is 20 weeks old…and we couldn’t be happier! (Everyone’s invited to the first ultrasound Monday at 11am.) The lady at the antique store gave me free buttons (picture below) for Peanut’s sweaters as a baby gift today. Awww.

The shower curtain you see to your right was Curt’s 1st Father’s Day present. It was 8 bucks and is perfect for the shoebox bathroom. So cheerful, so happy, so random.
In other sale news…I scored a one-child-used crib for 25 bucks on Saturday. Talk about a score (sorry, I’m a bit hyped on the World Cup right now)! I’ll show you pics after I paint her white and rough it up a bit. I’ve decided the baby’s room will be white and green and chocolate brown with silver/metal props- like all these wire mail baskets I have been collecting. They’re open and simple and (my favorite) old. I figure diapers and all that jazz will be happier living in one of these guys than in a drawer somewhere.
I also managed to walk away with this complete set of bowling pins while garage sale-ing, which I’m sure will become a family treasure with the kiddos…or at least with George.
Now I have to go find the ball.

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15 responses to “The photos were loading and I wasn’t taking any chances…here’s a surprise Tuesday for ya!

  • Jessica

    Are you going to find out what your going to have on Monday? !!!

  • KatieKate

    Nope…unless the little bugger flashes us, we’re going to try and wait. It’s basically killing me, but I figure it will be good motivation to push when the time comes.

  • FaithChristine

    Yeah World Cup! Go England!!!!!

  • the dicocco gang

    Yeah for pictures!!
    and go george…

    i’m home…

    yeah for that too!

  • Miss Christine

    I just want to tell you that I work at Gap now, in Woodland mall. And we used to have a big section of maternity clothes that people returned from online, but… we don’t anymore, so I guess that’s not a motivation. But you should come visit me anyway because I want to see you! 🙂 I know you’re probably busy k-nitting and antique-button-finding, but maybe one day soon, ok? (I am about three stores down from the Motherhood maternity store! :))

  • sunday

    love, love, love chocolate brown and anything. when my time comes to have a little peanut you better believe that will be in the color scheme. your little weather girl to the left has quite an outfit on. do you wear those kind of clothes in grand rapids?

  • Jessica

    I am so proud of you. Thats what we said before we actually got pregnant and now I cant stand it anymore….Unless the little booger decides to keep its legs together! Way to be strong!

  • sunday

    oh man the weather girl just changed her clothes. now she has some more clothing on, i guess b/c of the rain. you should check out her hot weather outfit.

  • bec


    Your kid is going to be the coolest kid on the planet. It’s as simple as that. Can you please let me know your email address (gmail) again, because at work I can’t get to my other email and I just got a new computer here, so all is wiped clean in the address book. Frustration… I have a photo I MUST send to you. Gracias. P.S. if that cat really learns to bowl, you could end up on Leno or Letterman…

  • KatieKate

    Bec, Darling: its katiemulder(at)gmail(dot)com.

    George didn’t do so well on the bowling…not one pin down. All he wanted to do was chase that dumb ball. It was pretty cute.

    Sunday- I have been embarrassed many a time by what the weather girl is wearing…I really don’t know what to do with her sometimes. We’ve talked and she’s says she’s comfortable with herself and how she lives her life. We are at an impass.

    And Miss Chris…expect a visit soon. I shall break my general mall-ban just for you of COURSE. Can you please ask all the dumb people to leave before I get there? The ones that walk on the wrong side or the girls that wear basically no clothes? Thanks.

  • sunday

    so the weather girl could go to the mall and fit right in? that is perfect. well at least she is comfortable with who she is and the image she portrays. i mean just check out that hemline!!!

  • Miss Christine

    I’ll do my best! I’m working Thursday night 5 to close (9 p.m.), and then Saturday 1 p.m. to close. So if you can’t make it either of those days, I’ll let you know what my schedule is next week (I won’t have that schedule until tomorrow. See, this is the problem… my hours aren’t set. They’re predictable, but not set. :))

    And, the bottom line is, I wouldn’t want you and Peanut braving the malls if I’m not even there!

  • K Moore

    I love the idea of a white, green and chocolate nursery. Can I live there? If you are really going to do it chocolate, then you must always have a secret stash of mommy chocolates for those late night with the bebe.
    Any ideas about bedding? If you don’t, call me. I searched and searched and there ARE alternatives to Winnie the Pooh and ducks.
    What am I talking about. . . you will no doubt find the cutest stuff imaginable.

    p.s. my mom is gone.
    camping is over and sickness has left our house hold.
    cold drinks on friday?
    who else wants to join us?

  • KatieKate

    Cold drinks on Friday. Amen. I’m headed to the Farmer’s Market in the AM…and then a little cherry italian would be just fine.

  • Chelsey Meek

    The heavy wooden clubs and civil war sized bullet ball are exactly what kids need to pound on the floor, or a friend’s head. Lovely. If I’m babysitting…they’re going UP.

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