I will be your friend.

These cherries sat on my lap for about an hour and a half while I re-joined the land of ‘those who read’ and took in a gorgeous Michigan Friday evening. Oh, how I do love the Farmer’s Market. Chelsey is leaving for Oxford this week, and I am tagging along in spirit- or certified jealousy. I’ve downloaded her booklist for the month she’ll be studying Austen and will be copying her notes as she goes…thus the selection you see to your right. I just don’t know how you can possibly go without me…who will help you flag down royalty and take ridiculous photos in front of fountains and scour thrift stores? I just don’t know. Have so much fun, friend. Come back with a cool accent.

I also nabbed some Brickyard Farms soap at the Farmer’s Market…bliss. Lavender Cream, take me away. When I returned, a package (a package!!!) was waiting for me from dear Christan. A short note explained it was something for Peanut…but I didn’t really get it until I sifted through…and then began to sob uncontrollably. I’d done pretty well with the whole ‘crying syndrome’ of pregnancy up until then- but Lordy, did the waterworks flow. It’s simply a wooden box with beautiful paper, envelopes, and ribbon inside. You’re to write a letter to your child each year on their birthday. Then, for 21 days before they turn 21, you mail them one of the letters. The quote on the front says, “There is nothing more wonderful than the written word.” I have always loved words. For me…a hard, often silent, creative, and fiercely observant person with a mind that constantly races…written words have always been concrete and simple and clear. They are what bring everything into focus. It’s another reason why I am drawn to music…but that’s another story for another day. The gift is perfect, Friend. Thank you.

We are headed in for Peanut’s ultrasound at 11am today. WooHoo!!! I’m ready to see what this kid is doin’ in there. Come out already. Let’s play. I’m also looking forward to meeting another doctor while wearing a pink paper gown. It makes me feel feminine and sexy and vulnerable…and recyclable.

Talk to you soon.

PS: Thank you so much for all the calls and emails and comments about Curt and his wretched back. He is surviving thanks to some really cool drugs. He got in for an MRI early which was a huge blessing…so now he has that before he sees his old friend the surgeon on Wednesday. Something’s gotta give…or I need to learn a better way to get his socks on. He’s worse than some of the kids I used to nanny for…but he’s pretty darn cute.


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8 responses to “I will be your friend.

  • sunday

    what a perfect gift for you and little peanut. i know you out of anyone else i know will be so diligent in those letters. my husband keeps in the little safe in out closet a letter his mom wrote when he graduated from high school. he cries everytime he reads it. i have never read it and the nosey little girl in me wants to so badly. i have almost one time, but then i knew it was much too special and private for me to ruin. i know you will have so much wisdom for your child. you are so special.

  • Katie

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is Sunday…one of the world’s best encouragers. If you ever need someone in your corner, she is the one to seek out.

    Thanks, Friend.

  • The Watts

    Are you going to find out if Peanut is a boy or a girl? Or are you going to wait and be surprised? This is a special day either way. Your first pictures of your little one! Have fun!

  • Miss Christine

    I love that gift… how perfect, like Sunday said. 🙂

    P.S. I probably would have eaten the whole bowl of cherries if they looked as good as those do…!

  • sunday

    Thank YOU friend

  • Chelsey Meek

    Oooohhh, to be without you in Oxford would be IMPOSSIBLE! So…I’m glad to see you’ve begun the assignments. As soon as I hear of the written assignment, you will be my FIRST contact.

    If anyone else out there in the blog world of KatieKate is interested in joining the reading/writing…please! I could use all the help I could get! Seriously Kate, you have such wonderful friends, I’ve looked at each blog at one time or another. I’m so blessed to be your friend.

    The cherries look heavenly…what a great colour (I’m getting in the English spelling) red.

  • Jessica

    Thanks for the concern…That camel back really gets me :). How was your visit yesterday….

  • the dicocco gang

    yes, that is what I was coming back to find out… doctor news. I should have known that it isn’t Thursday yet… but I thought perhaps the because it would be too fabulous to contain you might break and show up early this week. I’ll just have to hold out. …

    or storm your house for pictures !!

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