oh, Platte River, how we love you

This flower welcomed me on my (countless) trips to the bathroom…just sitting by the path…saying “Hello, again! Hope you make it this time!” Let’s be honest, folks. Sometimes I don’t completely make it in time anymore. It’s unpredictable. I can have the 24 hour bladder or the 1 hour bladder at any given moment. And should I sneeze because of the smoke and the bug spray, well…look out. Y’all never warned me about leakage. For Virginia’s sake…I’m gonna have to start wearing Depends.

Miss Sydney’s 1st offical camping trip went very well. She was never at want for attention, that’s for sure. She’ll have to learn to help with the dishes if she’s gonna stick around for the long haul, but I’d say overall, it was a blazing success. Look at those cheeks!

We got a whole entire $1 off a hamburger combo at the general store for spending a million dollars renting canoes on Sunday…so we cashed in and got some fries and such before taking the dogs down to the beach. I had a little company, as you can see. They are relentless. I’ve lived in this skirt for the past 5 months, but sadly I think this past weekend was it’s final “Peanut voyage” as I can no longer *ahem* hoist it up and over without injury to both me and the fabric. It’s the best money I ever spent, though. I shall miss you Pata-guchi skirt…until we meet again…on the other side of “why is my back side growing as fast if not faster than my front side?”

And finally, I am still the fire master…no paper, 1 match, much flame. Curt found a camp saw like his pap’s and bought it with his allowance…it’s actually very speedy. I don’t normally cut the wood (as it turns into a Mulder man competition that we all stay far far away from), but I did get one slice in this weekend. Time to buy some longer shirts, I suppose.

More photos of our days up at Platte River here tagged “July 4”. The canoeing ones were taken by me in the kayak- far away from the antics of a family close to tears near the end. It’s an awesome 15 miles (a full 3 hours) of river, but that last 45 minutes will make you want to poke your eyes out…or at least smack Curt with the paddle…hard.


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6 responses to “oh, Platte River, how we love you

  • Jessica

    I hear ya on the onstant and uncontrolable pee… Isnt it quite interesting the new things your body decides to do during pregnancy.. Glad yo had a nice time you look super…

  • Dad

    IS MY ROOM READY YET ????????

  • KatieKate

    Hey, Pap…
    That room would move a lot quicker if you’d get off yer butt and pitch in a bit…I got blisters from mowing so much. Tomorrow we’re pullin’ electrical wire. Can you be here by 6pm? I’m making you flowered curtains. And Abe says to tell you he sleeps on the left, so you may hafta adjust.

  • K Moore

    Do you feel like a free woman? You should. Here you are proclaiming bladder loss over the world wide web. good for you!
    It is so great that you are embracing pregnancy life and all its funny-ness.
    Hey, did I ever tell you what happened to me after my peanut was born? Seeing that you basically get the most intense work out of your life during delivery, I drank a ton of water. So what do you suppose you would get if you crossed a postpardom, overhydrated woman with zero muscles functioning below the belly button, at 2 am with a newborn babe in her arms. . . . . . . .?? You get a fully wet hospital bed (that needed to be completely stripped and remade), a crying-n-laughing postpardum mother and a very ticked off nurse who wanted to read her People magazine instead of doing her job.
    You would think nurses would know to ask if the mom needs to go to the bathroom before flippin on the lights at 2 am and thrusting a crying baby in your arms before sprinting back to her nurses station.
    Served that lady right.

  • KatieKate

    I’m all about full disclosure!

    And I am certain that I will have a similar experience the first night in the hospital…I am sure of it. My nurse better be ready for much laughter and much tears. Curt may be sleeping on your couch.

  • Jessica

    That makes me giggle and dribble. I love it cant wait!!

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