We ARE actually preparing. LOOK, Ma! Antiques!

So, I’ll be 6 months along on Saturday. We’ve taken no classes. We’ve read no books.
We have talked to friends.
We have paid the doctor.
We have been taking our vitamins.
We have found/been given many things for cheap/free (crib, car seats, high chair, stroller).

And then last Wednesday Renae and I decided it was time to get going on the room- Peanut’s room. Praying that we will not have a house downtown come delivery time is a bit unconventional, I know…and poses a serious challenge when buying furniture and such. But, we are optimistic that we will be out at the Farm in the Shoebox when Peanut comes stormin’ in…and so, I went shopping…planning for a little tiny Shoebox-style room. East Fulton Art & Antiques…Kathy, I love you. You so so so have my number.

First…we have a hankerchief I found with the Nursery Rhyme “The Queen of Hearts” on it. You see half of it here. Adam, I expect a little singing a la Thursday rehersals, please: playing with the queen of hearts…knowin’ it ain’t really smart…the joker is the only fooooool….. It shall be lovingly framed in a tiny little old window from 650 Kellogg. Next to that, you see a blanket made by Miss Chelsey– yes the one who’s in England right now. Ridiculous. Please note the gorgeous giraffe on the front and the sweet (and perfect color) green terrycloth on the back. MmmHHHmmmm. I should pay you guys to be my friends…really. This child is going to be so cool because of y’all.

Next we have Wednesday’s shopping finds. First, a wooden chimney cupboard- white and tall and skinny with 6 shelves…perfect for the Shoebox. And then we have a metal beauty parlor table from the 1940s made by the Koken Company of St. Louis (that’s a shout out to the Sebecks down there on the Mississippi River). Renae and I traveled to timbuktu and back to measure a changing pad (they’re 16″x32″, FYI) and then back to the store and measured the table top (it’s 16.5″x33″) and promptly threw it into the back of the Subaru. Curt thinks it’s all “very cool” and was happy it didn’t come from China…and that it has not killed our budget. We did good, Renae. We did good.
Now, the room would not be complete without the crib…which shall be painted today. It would have been painted 2 weeks ago, but there was a slight mishap with the priming (or lack of priming…fine, say it). It’ll be finished today. Really.
VIOLA! Furniture finito. Ready for baby. All spent: less than $250.
Even if we have to set you up in the front yard, kid- we’ve got stuff for you!
And we think yer great.
Post Script: I may, at some point in the future, offer Renae out as a shopping-companion with all her sweet support, joy, enthusiasm, and quiet stamina…but I just can’t right now. Give me a little time.

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7 responses to “We ARE actually preparing. LOOK, Ma! Antiques!

  • sunday

    i CANNOT wait to see this room. you are THE most creative person on the face of this earth!!!

  • K Moore

    I cannot stand how cute that wooden chimney cupboard is.
    And if you have any more questions about the size of baby crap. . . . . save the gas and call me. I found myself doing the same sort of measuring like a crazy woman.
    The nursery is doomed to be the cutest place on the planet. With all the knitted items laying perfectly in that white cupboard, I think, I think, I might pass out.

  • Mom

    Dear Daughter, I am SO very proud of you…it is in your blood for sure. I will pull down a special box from a secret place in my sewing room (once called “Kate’s room) and see if there is something to go by that handkerchief…Keep any other window frames you can. Daddy will bring the treat we have already. I’ll bring those in the making. Love you, Mom

  • Paxton Cox

    I adore the room, you always have been so creative. I was looking through a box and found a letter you wrote me and it was so neatly sealed in a old newspaper handmade envelope. Love the Jenny Lind bed and I am envious of the blanket from your friend. I wish you weren’t thousands of miles away so I could antique with you, apparently you are fabulous at it. You need to go to a place called Marta’s in Belton sometime, you would love it. It’s right near your parents home on the way to Killeen. Whitney

  • Miss Christine

    Kate! I need your address so I can send you the Gap postcard. 🙂 If you’d rather email it, it’s clfirlik at umich dot com. Okay? Okay. 🙂

  • KatieKate

    Mail! I want mail!

    650 Kellogg SE
    GR, MI 49503

  • Chelsey Meek

    Yeah, yeah! I love all of it!

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