Button, button, who’s got the button?

I do!!!
The McKenzie Zoo went on vacation to Kentucky and I got these fabulous buttons! WoooHOOO! That’s how I like to travel! Renee- they couldnot be more perfect. Thank you so much. They also sent the usual “school photo” shots (if home-schoolers take “school photo” shots)…man, I miss those kids. Now, John and Renee…all of your kids are great, but can we please talk about Camber for a second here? Hello…the girl is drop dead gorgeous. I’d like to request that you please lock her in her room for the next 6 years until I can screen all her friends and any potential suitors. We’re doin’ this the Quaker way. I’m serious. Don’t let her out of the house. And certainly don’t let her do anything cool like ride horses or play the violin…that will only increase her stock value. Can we make her dumb? Isn’t there anything we can do to slow this down? I’m panicking here.

Seriously, thank you so much for the buttons. Ya did good. I love them.
The bakelites are awesome and will one day have a home on an apron and a skirt.

We’ve had a bit of a heat wave here in the Mitten State. Way up in the 90s with some serious humidity. I’m thankful for my Texas heritage…but it’s different up here when there’s rarely air conditioning in homes and few people have pools. We snuck over the Curt’s cousin’s house on Sunday with the entire rest of the family and dove in, for, oh, 7 hours. It was lovely. The Marli and Hailey grew tired of swimming after a while and proceeded to dress in dance leotards from the costume box. Marli has some serious moves, lemme tell you. The boys played “try to sink the red playground ball” which is a staple in any pool. Let it be known that the girls mastereed that long before the boys did. And, what pool party would be complete without some naked buns? Reese…break my heart.

At some point someone said to me, “Man, Kate, I bet yer missin’ Texas today, huh? What with all the heat and crazy humidity here, I bet you wish you could be home where it’s hot but never humid, eh?”
That person is now dead.
I smote them with a roll of my eyes for their ignorance of my home country.

I finished the crib- I repeat: I finished the crib. I’d post a picture, but a bird poo-ed on it. Can you believe it? I asked every bird in the yard who was responsible, but they all just stared at me- stoic.
You know what they say- birds of a feather…
we may never know.

I worked this morning at camp- for money…you know, ’cause I’m a free agent now. This body doesn’t move like it used to. I’m tired. But I did get to see Mister Isaac when I was done- one of my favorite 2 year-olds. He gave me a rock he’d found and some sand. He showed me some puddles and his frog shorts. And then he pointed at my belly and said, “Basset Bah!!!” [read: basketball].

Yes, Isaac, I believe I am having a basketball.

Blessings to you and yours this weekend! Be good and have fun!


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TexasNorth is a little farm in Western Michigan. It's home to 5 chickens, 25 longhorn cattle, a coonhound (Banjo), 1 barn cat, a husband, and 3 ridiculously funny children. The mom of this zoo has been known to mow the lawn in a skirt and roast marshmallows after dark. View all posts by texasnorth

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