last night I dreamt of San Pedro

it all seemed like yesterday- not far away
Again with the dreams people…My Lanta, they’re wild. Two of them have involved Brad Pitt and not in a bad way, either. All those years of no dates, no late-night sneak-outs, no partying with the rich and famous…I suppose I’m making up for it now thanks to Peanut. Man, I’m cool in those dreams!
As whereto my husband has confiscated the camera (again) and whereas furthermore the afore mentioned lad has also retained the “Shoebox files” of swatches, item numbers, and fabric samples…

I shall save that super fun post for this weekend or Monday.
What you have instead is a “Junk Drawer Thursday.”
The kind only a mother will appreciate because her daughter is
3,000 miles away and she wants the basics on everything.
I apologize for my lack of entertainment today.

Peanut doctor’s visit report: everything is a-ok, normal, “great.” I’ve gained 15 pounds since we started this gig. Due date is still officially the 11th of November but likely a bit later because of how we’re measuring. I have to schedule my glucose test for gestational diabetes…which means they have to draw blood (TWICE) and in-between I have to drink a lot of sugar. I’m gonna bring my stash of Coca Cola, though I doubt that’ll go over. AND and and…at my visit next month I have to have my Rogam shot (which is not Rogain, thank you dear husband) because I’m Rh negative. I am now taking applications for people to come and hold my hand (or legs and arms down) while they stick me without mercy.
Today is Natalie Mulder’s birthday. I love you. I will take you to lunch. I will eat what you don’t finish.
And finally, Miss Stephanie has announced that she is ENGAGED. Holy Schmoly!!! WA-HOOO, as Einstein would say. She is the last of our college group…and the tallest…to walk down the aisle. The wedding is December 30th, 2006. I put out an APB (yes, I’m still considering going out for the Holland SWAT team) yesterday in a panic to some local moms I know about how insane or completely manageable it would be to attempt to go to/be a part of this wedding. Every single answer has come back super affirmative, but oh the laughter. You people are hilarious. I shall put together a montage of the responses as soon as the creative juices are flowing again (it’s a bit early for me) and share. Oh, the women in my life. I do love you.
Have a great weekend!
Play nice.
Dream big (or rich and famous).


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14 responses to “last night I dreamt of San Pedro

  • Jessica

    I hear ya on the dreams girl!!!

  • sunday

    well i have completely made out with brad pitt in my dreams. so i guess i am pretty cool in my dreams too and i am not even pregnant!

  • l.b.o.

    la isla bonita. can’t get it out of my head now…

  • the dicocco gang

    No CocaCola.. they used to give out this fantastic orange syrup… and forced you to drink the entire thing in less than 30 mintues, which sounds easy, but about half way through you have no idea how you are going to make it through.

    I’ll hold your hand… I’ll take you out for an italian soda afterwards… I’ll bring balloons to be festive… or the Mines Cd to tap our toes and distract you…whatever you need to get through darlin’.

  • KatieKate

    oh my garsh…Thad, those LED needles (knitting, not drug) are awesome!

    And Tracy…you’re awesome. I may perhaps possibly need all the things you mentioned above.

    And yes…I’m still humming vintage Madonna- it’s been 3 days now.

  • The Zoo

    Oh poor Katie!

    The 100% sugar syrup drink is one of the most challenging things you will have to endure! BRING SOME SORT OF PROTEIN TO EAT AFTERWARDS. You will not want to eat this protein but it is necessary so that you will not expel the wonderful sugar drink that the horrible (and you will think this) doctor made you ingest–on purpose, no less!

    The rhogam shot you will survive, not so bad, after the aforementioned sugar drink.

    Camber is now locked in her bedroom, as instructed, for the next six years! Thanks for helping us wake up and make some wise decisions before it was too late!

    Love ya! Renee

  • Aunt Regina,

    The dreaded Glucose Tolerance Test—-The new thing is to eat a large Chocolate Bar instead (75 grams of sugar). Ask if that is an option. If not you will have to do the drink thing. The drink comes in various flavors. Don’t do the Cola flavored one – do either the lemon/lime or orange. They go down easier.


    I laugh when I read your blogs. I particularly like all the big and fancy words and the visual images you put in my head!! Lots of fun!! Congrats on Peanut. I feel like I must comment on the whole glucose test. The doc. gave me mine to take home and drink before I came. I had to drink it on 2 separate occasions because the 1st time I drank it and the doc. had to run out off the office to do and emergency delivery (they cancelled the rest of the appointments for the day… I still don’t understand why the nurses still couldn’t draw the blood?) My suggestion if you have the option is don’t start drinking the thing until you are driving in the car to the doctor office and drink it cold, it makes it taste better. I refrigerated but maybe you could bring a cup of ice. Honestly it really isn’t that bad, I got the orange flavor and it tasted like a flat Crush soda.

    April Nelson (McCarty)

  • KatieKate

    Sunday…ya know, when I asked Brad about you last night he said he couldn’t remember. I suppose as long as our dates stay separate I’m ok with it.

    Aunt Regina…I don’t think the Mitten State has advanced to the chocolate bar option. Any chance I can be referred to St. Louis?

    APRIL! Sweet April. So glad to hear from you. I’ve been keeping up with you guys as well. Mister Ty is an absolute stud. I am hoping for the Crush Soda- I think I could do that.

  • sunday

    wow now i am totally freaked out about that sugar drink and i have no idea what it is or why you drink it. does everyone have to do that who is pregnant?

  • KatieKate

    Yep- everyone…they have to check.

  • Miss Christine

    I would just like to say that since your lovely local Gap at Woodland is really slow and we’re having a payroll crisis, I only got scheduled for five hours to work this week. That would be 10 am to 3 pm on Saturday, August 5. So if you want to see me during Friends & Family weekend…. I would come then. If you can’t come then, come any time Thursday through Sunday because my coworkers are great and wonderful and sweet and because you know you want that pink shirt!

  • Miss Christine

    Also, I hope you got the discount card in the mail! 🙂

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