It’s the last day of July.

And behold…this is the week.

This is the week we close on the house (Tuesday).

This is the week we will pay off my college debt to the great Texas A&M.

This is the week the basement wood must begin its exodus in serious earnest.

This is the week the alder cabinets are to arrive.

This is the week the electricity is turned on out at the Shoebox.

This is the week Peanut is considered medically viable and worth fighting for should we have an emergency delivery. Natalie reminded me yesterday that her friend Wendy delievered this very week (26) of her pregnancy (and therefore could not be a bridesmaid in her wedding)…so strange to think this little thing could come out and actually be fine. It’s just growing time now…reading and dancing and eating and growing time. Bake, little one, bake. We’re not quite ready for you yet out here.

Here, for you fabulously interested folks, is the plan for the Shoebox-of-comfort-efficiency-and-love:

You see to your left the ‘theme’ colors. They are both paint and general colors found throughout the Shoebox-of-comfort-efficiency-and-love. The yellow/khaki/buff as it is as it were and as it ever shall be the main color when you enter. This covers the living room, kitchen, and dining room. It’s all one room. Not such a big stretch- very similar to what we have now except a teeny bit more conservative yellow.

The blue is our bedroom. Shockingly, Curt picked this rug pictured on your right. I had three or so I thought he’d maybe go for, and then this one (my favorite) and he totally loved it. Very grown up, no? It has the yellow and the red and the green from the palette of colors.

The light green is for Peanut’s room and the bathroom- similar if not the same green in our bathroom at 650 Kellogg. It’s also in our couch and random accents around the joint. I may dye Abe green, too. Haven’t decided yet.

The brown shall be for the hallway and the stair wall going down into the basement (half of which is visible from the yellow living room and entry way). This chocolate will also be found in the wooden floors, in the blinds for the windows, and in 2 squishy shag rugs of joy made for black and white movie-watching bliss.

The white is for the ceilings and the basement walls and our dishes and our curtains and all Peanut’s furniture. I *love* bright clean white. mmmmmmm.

The red is for oh so many things…paint-wise it shall be only the tiny little wall at the end of the chocolate hallway behind a huge barn-wood mirror Curt once made me. You’ll barely be able to see the paint behind the mirror, but it will be my red wall and I will be happy. And then, of course, there’s all my little red accents in the kitchen and in life in general- luggage, shoes, shirts, clocks, envelopes. I heart deep dark red.

I heart this whole project, really. I cannot wait to get out there. Can. Not. Wait. We’ll be here until the 12th…then on to a friend’s empty house until the 26th…and then on to Camp Roger until the end of September. The Shoebox is in the “pull electrical wire” stage which comes before the drywall stage which comes before the flooring stage which comes before the painting stage which comes before the hayride in October. We’ll get there.

And I’m working on being 26 weeks pregnant.

And I’m very very happy.

I’d show you one more picture, but Blogger says NOOOOOOOOOO. big baby


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12 responses to “It’s the last day of July.

  • sunday

    oh katie your life sounds so blissful and your colors are wonderful. at each new paragraph i was thinking “oohh that sounds awesome, i want that”. you are amazing my dear friend who i have not seen in many many years, but feel very connected too!

  • KatieKate

    Remember that I’m showing the best of the best…life is certainly normal and hormonal and the usual around here.

    But in general, yes- things are good.

    And no- we haven’t seen each other in forever. Ask Worth if he wants to hunt the back 40 this season with Curt and you can help me change diapers for a week.

  • diane

    Love the colors, Kate. Three of them are quite similar to my home…but as everyone says, you are a creative genius. You do seem to be quite the visionary.

    lookin’ forward to the Hayride.

  • sunday

    i know that he would like the hunting part, but i am not so good at changing diapers. just ask my neice!

  • Paxton Cox

    All excellent choices, oh creative one!! Can’t wait to see the final product. And yes baby keep on baking! I have had the NICU (32 week) baby and it is way more fun I am assuming to bring the baby home with you rather than abide by visitation hours. Whit

  • bec

    Those colors S-C-R-E-A-M your name to me. I think the real, true, deep down reason we are friends is because we both LOVE red so much. If you get down to it, I am sure that’s what it is.

  • Jessica

    You can come stay with us if you need to !!

  • KatieKate

    we’re on our way Jess

    tell Red to hide her bones ’cause Abe’ll steal them

  • KatieKate

    Yes, I am also certain that the reason we are friends- through jobs and moves and Young Life and car accidents and heat and boys (what boys?) and distance- is simply our love for red. Obviously.

  • bec

    I think of that car “accident” every time I go through that light in Raleigh-town. Did I tell you I did that again in my Honda last year? Stoplights obviously confuse me from time to time. And I should be the one saying “what boys?” – you’re the one that is married and pregnant! 🙂

  • Little House in Grand Prairie

    Have you heard of the Warm Biscuit Bedding Company? You would absolutely love it. Pricey, but you could get some grand vintage baby decor ideas. I think. Also, how could I contact Steph to tell her congrats? Let me know.

  • KatieKate

    Hey, Mrs. Cara! I shall check out the Warm Biscuit place immediately. Steph you can find at stephroe(at)hotmail(dot)com

    Hope you all are staying cool! We’re not!

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