Can we talk about lunch boxes?

’cause I want to…

The boy and I got on the subject of ‘lunch-packing’ the other day (and I always worried we’d run out of things to talk about)…actually it started with family quirks (you know, Saturday bath nights and slicked-back hair and then one discovery show and then off to bed) and progressed to the lunch routine. It was, I must say, fascinating.

As a rule, we made our own lunches in the Sebeck household as soon as we were able to wrestle the fridge door open. Mom was always a teacher at our school, so we had to be up and at ’em pretty early. I’m pretty sure I had a toasted bagel & cream cheese & slice of ham sandwich everyday for 10 years of school. Loved it. We also almost always had a frozen orange CapriSun…half thawed by lunch which made it a slushi. There was no rhyme or reason to the rest of the contents…just don’t forget it on the counter because we lived 30 minutes away and we’re not comin’ back.

My lunch box for years was purple/pink. It was a Lisa Frank lunch box and I loved it. We did not have cool brown paper bags. I wanted cool brown paper bags so badly. We did not have lunch tickets for the hot line. I wanted those blue tickets so badly…oooooooh, to be a hot-lunch kid. In the winter I was the kid with the beige and blue soup thermos- yes, that kid who brought a real spoon from home. (God help you if you left the spoon at school. Sometimes you’d have to break back in to retrieve it with your mom waiting in the car. We weren’t donating any good silverware to school.) I’d have ravioli or soup or chili…mmmmm. Totally uncool- the thermos, but seriously…I know everyone else was jealous. I also went through a dill pickle phase and a kiwi phase. I have no comment.

Sometimes Dad would be in charge of the lunches…those were the days you took your lunch in a white plastic WalMart bag. There’d be a peanut butter sandwich and and Doritos. But not a baggie of Doritos…no. There’d be about an inch of Dorito-crumbs left in the large family-style bag and so he’d just roll the sucker down and throw it in there with the foil-wrapped pickle and the peanut butter sandwich. People could hear you comin’ for miles away with your lunch stuffed into the bottom of yer backpack…crinklin’ like mad with every step…and they’d know…that Dad packed your lunch…and you prolly have Doritos.

And that was lunch in the Sebeck house.

It will be similar in the Sebeck-Mulder house. But I might buy some brown bags…just a couple.

Y’all have a fantastic weekend!

PS: Thank you so much for all the wonderful and encouraging comments and emails about the Shoebox house colors…I am hoping you all like them enough to come stay for awhile!


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11 responses to “Can we talk about lunch boxes?

  • Mom

    Just a clarification…
    In Germany there were no hot lunches. Everyone ate in the class room because there was no cafeteria…remember how we would search each day for the biggest pickle in town for you take in your lunch the next day? Lunches weren’t just packed,,,they were creations! Ah, such memories…
    PS. Daddy says you are still missing a spoon.

  • sunday

    i could kick myself for having thrown away or garage saled my old tin lunch boxes. worth and i could be millionares right now. hind-sight man. it is crazy. i always got a sandwhich, chips, and a fruit. my dad made my lunch every day. i always wanted the other kids lunch, always!! i mean they always had little debbies for goodness sake!
    on another note. so i just got “through painted deserts” by donald miller. it is a revised edition of one of his old books. is that the one you were talking about katie?

  • KatieKate

    Dad and I are both still missing a spoon if I rememebr correctly- blast those garbage disposals.

    Sun- I think the book your talking about is in fact the re-edited version of the original art of volkswagon maintenance book…if it’s the story of him and a buddy travelling cross country.

  • Jessica

    Funny thing, this morning as I was preparing my daily “red” bag of snacks to get me through the day. Myron and I were having a very similar conversation, Lunch boxes.He was joking on how I needed one and I could use his incredible hulk one in the garage if need be.

    I used to LOVE it when mom would let me take soup or spagettio’s in the thermos. That was a real treat!! What a lucky girl you were:)

  • sunday

    yes it is the re-edited or revised editon of “prayer and the art of volkswagen maintenance”. did you know that one book was out. i am sure that you did, but i know that you were saying you could not find that one you had.

  • Dad

    I’m coming ta stay,BUT I’m not spooning with Abe…………

  • KatieKate

    Dad…he’s a really good spooner. You’ll hurt his feelings if you sleep on the floor.

  • the dicocco gang

    HA! On the floor… sometimes the comments are just as fun as the original post…

    I, too, went through a kiwi phase.
    and also a raspberry coconut zinger phase.
    I never got the thermos… which might be why I’ve never really been that into spaghettios.

  • OurMrsMikrut

    I have a confession to make.

    Every day my mom would send 35 cents to school with me to buy milk. (Because juice boxes were just not nutritious enough for our family.)

    By the time I hit middle school I was using a quarter of it either to buy chocolate chip cookies or tater tots from the snack bar.

    The remaining ten cents? Those would get me two Laffy Taffys at the drugstore on the way home.

    Please don’t tell her.

    I had a light pink Smurfette lunchbox. Now I share with Josh what we call “The Mini-Mate Ultra.”

    …for that is what it says upon the side of it.

    Good topic! Thanks for the fun…

  • diane

    I had an orange Tupperware lunch box…they were all the rage.

    Actually, my first lunchbox, a Peanuts Cartoon, was run over in the bus line. We’d line up our lunchboxes in order to save a spot in line to get on the bus.

    I never got over that…

  • KatieKate

    I once saw this comedian on tv who said her daughter asked for more lunch money. She asked where her money had disappeared to. The daughter said she bought a cassette tape with it. The mom said, “Well, I guess you know what you’ll be havin’ for lunch then, eh?”

    Go call your mother.

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