continuing on…

with the “how I grew up” thing: can we talk about socks now?

There is an unspoken war in the Mulder household- actually there are 2, the other involving pump hand soap which we’ll discuss another time.

I do the laundry. I fold the clothes. I put my clothes away and the majority of the Boy’s clothes away. The ones I don’t put away sit because a) I don’t know where they go in his ‘system’, b) they need ironed and that happens once a year, or c) they’re “resting” (like when dishes “soak”).

We have a major problem with socks. In the Sebeck family, we ROLL the socks- using the cuff elastic from one to secure its mate to it forever and ever (which, in the Jewish sense, means a really long time…not for eternity. This concept has rocked my world to the core lately…but I digress). The ROLLING allows 2 socks to remain married and happily- safely- together throughout the folding process, mutiple moves to and from furniture, and the inevitable toss into the rightful owner’s basket.

In the Mulder family, and apparently this goes back for generations, socks are FOLDED. This means 2 socks must a) face the same direction, b) be stacked orderly, and c) remain in one location for the entirety of the laundry process- not touching anything else lest they be separated and start whining. You cannot TOSS a FOLDED pair of socks. You must be carerful with them. They’re fragile. There is this general consensus that ROLLING the sock will stretch it out to 20 times its original size and new Hanes will have to be bought nearly every week.

Well, I just won’t have it. I have no time for such high-maintenance procedures. I roll my socks and I leave the Boy’s in the bottom of the basket for him to sort, stack, talk to, fold, transport, and generally coddle ’til death do they part. This usually results in me saying, “Hey! Dinner!” and him responding, “I’ll be there in a second, I’m doing the laundry!

AS IF me neglecting his socks negates the entire laudrical process.
I’m sure we’ll make it through.
I’m just not sure how.
So, convince me.
I’m open to change.
Let me hear from the masses how FOLDING can change my life.

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17 responses to “continuing on…


    Sebecks 1 – Mulders – 0. Rolling works, folding does not. Not rocket science kids. AND – the Mulders cannot claim that it is the West Michigan Way – oh – it is not. Stretching – not true. Elastic issues – not true. Ease and convienence – (me being a bad speller – true) – not true. Katie – stick to your roots. You were raised well. You are a good person. Roll the socks – all of us good people do. ALL GOOD PEOPLE DO.

  • diane

    Folding will only change your life in a bad way. Very, very, bad (Picture Raymond from that one movie…). It will make you crazy. It will unravel you, not the socks. I agree with Lenger. Stick to your guns (or socks, as it were).

  • diane


    The movie I was thinking of was Rainman.

    This is why I shouldn’t be on the computer BEFORE I’ve had my coffee. Hmpf.

  • KatieKate

    I have just been told by the older sister that Curtis James had his socked ROLLED as a child.

    ooooooh, baby.

    I’ll be waiting for him at the back door tonight.

  • The Watts

    Rolling is definitely the ONLY way to go–but it seems that may be a moot point now that Sister has stepped up to tell all.

  • sunday

    well growing up in my very OCD organized house we folded. i know, it makes no sense, but like i said it was OCD and over organized. In my married household we roll them. it is only the logical thing to do, especially when your husband is my husband. he would leave all his clean clothes on the floor until he wore them and put them in the dirtly cothes pile on the floor. so rolling them and putting them where he can find them makes my life easier!!! i actually thought you were going to bring up the debate on ankle socks verses sock that go up the calf. being raised in Atlanta we never heard of ankle socks, moving to NC i was taught that socks like i wore were not cool, who knew.

  • OurMrsMikrut

    Okay, this has NOTHING to do with the subject of your fine entry here…but here’s the little exchange I just had with the J-Meister shortly after I told him how funny your blog is today:

    J: I’m going to Meijer, is there anything you need?
    L: Well, I do need some cake fixin’s, but I should probably get those myself.
    J: WHAT?
    L: You know, ’cause we’re going to make my family a cake this weekend.
    J: Ohhhh…I thought you said Kate fixin’s.
    L: Well, that wouldn’t make much sense, would it?

    But also, I had all sorts of fine arguments mounting in my head about how the entire purpose of elastic is to stretch, but you pre-empted all that with Sista’s confessions…you git him, Kate! And make sure there’s an ordinate amount of growling. It’s fun to growl at your husband sometimes.

  • KatieKate

    YES, Laura, yes! A fine point you make: the purpose of elastic is to STRETCH. And it only stretches in the process…it doesn’t STAY stretched, for pete’s sake.

    Where have you people been all my life?

  • anna

    In defense of folding:

    I fold. Actually, I only fold my nice socks, the ones I wear with not-athletic-shoes, the easily matched ones with stripes and whatnot.

    My white socks, the sport socks — they don’t get folded or rolled. They get stacked: all facing the same way, laid out in the drawer. There is no matching, there is just stacking, as high as you can go with it fitting in the drawer and not falling over. To do this, by the way, you have to buy the same kind of sports socks each time, which, if you get them in the same place each time (Hi Academy!) isn’t that hard.

    I only add all this because I have a distinct memory of the onerous chore of sorting and ROLLing socks for a family of six (because this is the sort of thing a child can be entrusted to do — matching up the colors and sizes) and being able to always tell which ones of Dad’s socks was the usually rolled over (and therefore much bigger) sock. You say elastic comes back; I say, well, maybe.

  • Curtis

    I Love You ANNA!!!!!!!


  • curt

    And for where this began…I invented it on my own. And I LOVE it. And someday…she will just do it because she loves me.

  • Jessica

    I am a great supporter of the ROLL. It makes little sense to do it any other way (to me that is). In the Carr household we have the ongoing debate on not socks but clothes however.Myron is the first male I have met who would perfer to do his laundry only because I donot know how to fold his T-shirts in the triangle form he perfers. I have also noticed he and my father fold their pants in a way that leaves the crease down the middle of the leg? I do not understand this method either because I have never known either of these to men to iron anything, much less wear anything other then blue jeans. So why would it matter how you fold your jeans!!!

  • Jessica

    Sunday: I love it. How do our husbands make since out of the clothes piles on the floor? Mine, gets upset because I bought a laundry basket especaily for this reason. I asked him before I bought it if he would use it, I gave him the bigger closet in the house hoping to settle this however it seems to be my fault because I dont understand the system. I will through all the clothes in the basket only for him to get confused at why I did it!Gotta love the husband…

  • Kates dad

    Anna What do you know about socks anyway ???

  • bec

    At the risk of opening an entirely new can of worms, we roll gloves in my family too.

    I used to babysit for a woman who SAFETY PINNED socks together before they went in the wash so that they’d stay together, and then they stayed like that through drying and being put away, until they were worn again.

    Now I ask you – WHO ON EARTH has time for this? Or likes being pricked with safety pins all the time (because I for one can never get them closed right on the first try and end up drawing blood…)


  • Jessica

    I Know some one who saftey pins as well. (Its JT, Sunday)I agree who has time for this!!te he he

  • KatieKate

    NO WAY.

    Safety pins…


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