junk drawer Thursday

I wake up every morning at 4:21am…I kid you not. I check the microwave clock…it’s always 4:21am and that’s when I have to go to the bathroom. It always takes me a bit to fall back asleep afterwards- so I just hang out, thinking…dreaming…perhaps plotting (I’ve not forgotten the tin baskets so ruthlessly thrown away). This morning, my scheming was phenomenally interrupted by Curt shifting…
and then rolling…
and still rolling…
and then CRASHING onto the floor.

The boy full-on fell out of bed.

girl: (Well, I’m not saying anything- I’m laughing so incredibly hard.)
boy: (somewhat shocked) I fell out of bed!
girl: Babe, what happened? Are you ok?
boy: I was in a meeting and it was my turn to get up.
boy: I hit my forehead.

And just like that, he was asleep again. I think I laughed for another 15 minutes before I drifted off. You just never know what’s gonna happen around here.

We’ve been settling in here in Rockford…the Vanderwell’s have an entire wall of books and we’ve been infatuated with their collection of Louis L’Amour. Curt is not a reader by trade…Toyota Trails is about as far as he goes…but this book he loves and remembers and claims to have actually finished. He’s re-reading it. I have about 10 pages left. He’s right- it is indeed very very good.

I have so many great pictures to share, but they’re trapped on my camera. I shall rescue them soon when I find a hard drive that takes a photo chip. Technology these days…can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

Peanut update: We’re working on week 28 here. The kid is picking up alll sorts of new tricks…I think the latest one is late-night construction…a lot of banging around in there after 11pm. I went in for my glucose screening Monday. I chose the Orange soda optoin and was pleasantly surprised. I only have to drink a big Dixie cup of it…and then they took my blood…the worst part was ripping the band aid off later. After imagining having to drink a liter of x-ray fluid, I was very very happy with the alternative. Next Tuesday, I have my Rhogam shot. Tracy’s gonna hold my hand. I may survive.

Happy weekend to y’all and yours.
Come play in Rockford…I found the ice cream shop! They’re open ’til 11:30pm!!!


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11 responses to “junk drawer Thursday

  • sunday

    i am so glad that the orange soda turned out to be okay. now i can rest easy. that is really funny about curt falling out of bed! i seem to wake up at 2am for some reason. what is up with that?

  • Jessica

    We seem to be having the same late night parties in our stomach. Ours occur around ten though right as I lay down to go to sleep!!… Myron felt them for the first time last night!! Quite amazing. I have yet to figure out how she can jump up and down, do tae bo, and ride a bike all at once =)

  • Jessica

    Louis LAmour was grandpa’s favorite author!

  • Miss Christine

    My brother’s read a lot of Louis L’amour books… he’s not really a big reader, either. Well, moderate, I guess. But he loved those L.L.s!

    Ice cream shops = seriously one of the greatest joys in my life. Unfortunately I’ve become very lactose intolerant (like I was when I was a baby – you’d better warn Peanut!), which means a slightly less joyful life. I know, I know, I should find a new joy… 🙂

  • Chelsey Meek

    You might want to think about getting the guard rail a bit earlier. That way Curtis can sleep in a big boy bed and you’ll be prepared for the crib-to-bed transition when Peanut is ready.

    I still am getting used to the fact that you are sleeping with a boy. Why is it that we spend our whole growing up lives working to sleep alone…then BAM!…you get married, are supposed to be grown up and have to work at sleeping with someone.

    Oh, the ironies.

  • Julie Laaanger Harkless

    It’s 3:33 pm. Every day. No matter where I am, what I am doing I just happen to look at a digital clock (who can read those other kinds?) and it says 3:33. Started in college. I think it’s a curse.
    Curt – stay in bed.

  • KatieKate

    You and me both, Chels…you and me both. Seriously…it is the strangest thing ever.

  • diane

    This comment has nothing to do with your post. sorry.

    But my blogger isn’t working correctly and even when I go to your page first and then to my page the last post I see is the vegetarian one. Does it do that for you too?

    Why is blogger punishing me?

  • KatieKate

    perhaps because Blogger is run by ex-circus people…

  • Amanda

    So… is there a way I can find myself to you before the end of this week? I just got back from the land of Africa and I head to school on Sunday…. randomly showing up at 650 Kellogg doesn’t seem like the best option anymore…

  • KatieKate

    Amanda darling…welcome back.
    Can we meet up sometime this week? Tuesday is the only day I’m committed. Talk to me: katiemulder(at)gmail(dot)com

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