I know I’m crazy.

Shoebox update: (this is mostly for Worth, who I do not technically know but I am sure will appreciate the work and carpentry lingo) Saturday (all stinkin- day Saturday), Curt and I planed 1152 lineal feet of cedar boards. Then we ripped them each twice to give clean edges. I’m not even gonna tell you what that means…but if you say it, you sound cool and legit. Go try it out at yer local lumber yard and watch the farmers give you a nod of approval. The cedar will go around all the doors, windows and edges on the outside of the house. Once that’s up, Joel can throw on the red metal siding. I am mostly excited about this because it means I will get to use a nail gun. I do love me some power tools.

Speaking of which, we bought a riding lawn mower…a John Deere…from a friend. I love it. I ride it. Sometimes the grass is high and I run over things…but here’s the deal (starting now): If you leave it out in the yard, it’s fair game and I shed no tears when it meets the blades-of-shredded-death. Dog collars, wallets, McDonalds shakes…I’m busy, folks. I’ve got no time to be pickin’ up after you. And whoever tied that coated-wire dog lead to the front porch can meet me out there Tuesday night and help me rebuild the railing I (acidentally but swiftly) pulled over. Curt says I now have to stay in the middle of the yard. I defy the blame! I rebuke the attitude! Exclamation point! Besides, I can’t hear you over the motor of my mower-o-power. Next time yell a little louder.

Peanut update: mysterious Rhogam SHOT Tuesday. I am picturing nurses coming in E.T. space suits holding a needle. LEG CRAMPS– particularly in the right calf- think I may die. I wake up in the middle of the night like Claire Huxtable when she was crash-exercising to fit into that gold dress with the crazy aerobics instructor played by Debbie Allen (her sister in real life- who knew?). TEARING SENSATION under the right rib…fairly constant now…Peanut must be re-decorating inside- wallpaper, perhaps?
Picture me Tuesday morning at 9:04am: my whole right side is lame and I’m trying to escape the astronaut nurses who want to poison me. I hobble around the nurses station yelling, “No! No! Don’t hurt me!” while more space suit nurses start appearing from the 17 corridors in my doctor’s office. There’s no escape. I can never find the checkout counter- even on a good day- and keep ending up in the hallway with the scale, bathroom, and scary two-way “sample” door.

It may be an interesting week.
Then again, it always is.

I, of course, have photos to compliment this madness- especially a particularly cool one of the planer we used but I do believe the Blogger Photo Booth has been overtaken by the mafia. Books are no fun without pictures, I know.

I’m sorry.

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TexasNorth is a little farm in Western Michigan. It's home to 5 chickens, 25 longhorn cattle, a coonhound (Banjo), 1 barn cat, a husband, and 3 ridiculously funny children. The mom of this zoo has been known to mow the lawn in a skirt and roast marshmallows after dark. View all posts by texasnorth

5 responses to “I know I’m crazy.

  • diane

    You are too much KatieKate. Looks like someone put a quarter in you today ’cause you are going full speed ahead!

    Power tools scare me. Actually, all machines scare me. Glad to hear you love it.

    And the Lawn Mower? No way! I can picture me running over my own foot. I need that, thank you very much. But I do love your theory and am behind you 100%.

    I hear you on Blogger. Ex-circus people for sure. Hmpf.

  • sunday

    you are ONE of the funnier people i have ever meet. thank you for making this monday morning fun!!! i will try that lingo out on Worth and see what he thinks. I know he will appreciate this showbox update for him :). we are honored.

  • Jessica

    Has peanut learned to dance yet? We went to a Block party Yesterday and as the band played, Baby girl decided she would like to dance. And dance she did!!!

  • Chelsey Meek

    I can’t believe you brought Claire Huxtable’s cramp out of the moth balls…I am truly impressed – oh yeah, and sorry about your own pain – but brilliant reference.

  • KatieKate

    I am, admittedly, a bit of a The Cosby Show freak.

    This was also the episode where Cliff tries to entice her to eat a fattening dinner of Mexican food by saying he had guacamoles from Mrs. Guacamole herself.

    So great.

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