I have one, you have one, Abe has one…

My mother once told me (and don’t even try to deny it) that our belly button was where all our skin came together… and if we messed with it, we would come undone like a balloon.
I have since learned this is untrue.
What other myths did we grow up with? My belly button has not popped out yet, but it seems to be getting close. I am nervous that I will deflate, but my counselor says to just keep repeating “It’s not true.” over and over again. Peanut and I are in the middle of week 31, and all systems are still go. For you Texans, I shall be returning to the HomeLand September 22nd for some quality time in Austin and Belton before driving North with Dad for a family wedding in Illinios on October 7th. Two whole weeks in Tejas!!! I believe a BBQ is in the works. Come one, come all.
WHAT IS IT? update:
(scroll down a couple days if yer in the dark)
“I think that the thing to the left is a rope-sca-pade. It used to be part of Brian Boitano’s Olympic costume but now hangs in your nifty apartment at Camp Roger. It hangs from the ceiling and holds a potted plant.” Thus says Kev of the Eastway clan. Now, many of you guessed pot-hanger-thingy…but he managed to bring in Brian Boitano and, well, we deserves to be rewarded for his creativity, his word creation, and his knowledge of ice-skating history. Way to go, you man of genius you. A fun package shall be on its merry way to Sacramento soon.
In truth, no one got it completely right…but how could you?
Who would guess that I have a 3ft by 4ft macrame sampler hanging in
my living room? Who could ever know? I don’t blame any of you. Not a bit.
There is, of course, a picture…but you’ll have to go here to see it.
Blogger and I are in separate time-out corners for our attitudes today.
Do y’all know Kevin? He introduced Curt and I way back when the sky turned blue… and we love him for so many reasons. If you wonder if tall, white, extremely Dutch people can be effectively called into urban ministry- I offer you K-dog and his life in downtown Sac. He’s getting married in December…in one of the Dakotas. Curt will head to the fobidden tundra for the two of us since I may be busy, or crying, or shopping. Kev also introduced me to Camp Roger, and is therefore responsible for us having a place to live right now. Blessings to you, friend. We like you a lot.
Coming Thursday…
not necessarily in that order.
Happy labor day!!!

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4 responses to “I have one, you have one, Abe has one…

  • diane

    I release you from your Time-out corner, Kate.

    However, blogger has to stay there for a bit…until he drops his attitude.

  • The Watts

    Can’t wait to see you, Friend!

  • Jessica

    My belly button has been quite entertaining. It gets flatter and flatter every day and if youpoke it its soft. It makes me giggle like the pilsbury dough boy!!

  • the dicocco gang

    introduced you to curt when the sky turned blue…

    sigh… that makes my heart smile

    and guess what, I know that song because I sang it for our favorite mrs mikrut’s wedding…

    well, I sang some “oooooh”s. but they were fabulous “oooooh”s.

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