there’s a mouse in the house

and it’s been there for a week…
boing-boing squeak!
boing-boing squeak!
This is one of Curt’s favorite songs. It’s cute. Unless it’s true. Which it is.

We’ve a bit of Wild America happening in our little apartment these days…a mouse (small, by the looks of *ahem* evidence) and also a spider (mentioned in previous days amidst tears).

We returned last night from a lovely one-night stay an hour away in Saugatuck for a friend’s wedding. I wore a black dress. I wore a necklace. I wore black strappy heels. I made it through the entire evening until walking to the car to say that my feet hurt. This prompted, “Well, they’re [my feet] carrying 25 extra pounds now!” from the Boy which prompted silence from me which, in turn, prompted, “You’re carrying a precious human life! 25 pounds of human life, Kate! It’s ok.”

But about the spider…I was in the loo when I noticed, to my horror, a miniscule war raging down by my left ankle. A black spider was stabbing a red centipede-ish thing that was definitely still alive. The battle was still in full-force at the 2am bathroom break and again at 5am, though now slightly slower. By this morning, the spider had won and the centipede-ish thing was breakfast. My emotions went from disgust/teary to wariness/keep your distance to slight interest to apathy by the dawn’s early light. It’s amazing what you can get used to given enough time.

There are no photos.
You know why.

Hey- the drywall’s up!!! It’s not mudded or seamed, but it’s hung! Oh, that we may actually see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel-o-building-our-little-shoebox-of-love-and-joy.

Happy Monday, folks.
I like you a lot.


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4 responses to “there’s a mouse in the house

  • diane

    I like you a lot too, Kate.

    And Saugatuck is not an hour away, silly! It’s only 25 minutes South of Diane! 🙂 I promise.

    Kate…I needed your help yesterday as I cut out squares and blocks and assorted shapes of fabric for the Quilt of Love.

  • Jessica

    Men, they try so hard to be sensitive but sometimes it hard. I hear ya! I say, I look fat he says, but your pregnant! they really do mean wel te he he

  • the dicocco gang

    It took five hours?

    Oh, the agony.

  • Little House in Grand Prairie

    Hey Katie! Thanks for your birthday wishes to miss JoJo. I can’t believe I have a one year old and a two year old! Woah. Anyway, I love reading your blog. You’re so funny and creative. I haven’t talked to Janna in years….so could you pass along the wacky news?

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