what? no rain?

So, this is our 5th day with 100% of no sunshine… fantastic, eh? Who needs sunshine when you’re approaching Fall and months of enclosure? Not me! Abe and I just curl up on the couch and knit. Well, I knit… Abe snores.

I received a small envelope of mail in my new 5651 Montcalm Ave. NE mailbox this week…actual mail…with a stamp. Can you believe it? AND, look! Inside, pure genious. Shel Silverstein, one of my favorite authors. Only Kristin and Renae would be so grand (and *ahem* bold) to send me fun mail in memory and reference to my Summer Drawstring Incident (see Tuesday, August 1, 2006 in the archives). Thanks, girls. I love you for it. It’s perfect and I laughed so incredibly hard. I’ve not read that poem in forever.

This reminds me of something I wanted to tell you (yes, all of you)…many of you have asked what I want for Peanut in the area of creative gifts and such, and now I know. I want you to read to my child. I want you to find your favorite book or poem, grab your boombox off the shelf, pop in a blank cassette tape and read away. Don’t forget to DING! at the bottom of each page so we know when to turn. I would love love love to have a library of cds of my friends and family reading classics and new gems to our kiddo (Dad, you too. Pick a book on tractors or something and make sure you do the sound effects.). I have always loved words and stories and characters…and your voices will make them come alive in a whole brand new way. So, that’s what I want. Have at it. Any story (bought or un-bought, published or in the works), any time.

And so, I am headed away for the weekend…up North to Spring Hill camp for a worship team retreat to plan for the Fall. Since I have to skip to blob and the ropes course fun, I plan to be walking and eating and and taking photos and just being in nature and the like.

Catch you on Monday.
Play a little this weekend, won’tcha?


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7 responses to “what? no rain?

  • sunday

    again, you are the most creative person that i have ever met in my whole entire life. what an amazing idea. although i have no idea where to find a tape player any longer and for that matter a tape deck to record it on!!! help!!
    by the way when are we going to get to see a picture of you and peanut. it has been awhile.

  • Jessica

    Yeah do they even make tape players any more !ha ha ha

  • bec


    I heart Shel as well (and now I sound like Dr. Seuss…) I am 25 today! It only makes me think of you saying “I always wanted to be 25!” when you hit the quarter-century mark. Your philosophy on this age makes me think it’s going to be a grand ole year… 🙂 Hope all is well!

  • KatieKate

    You’re right…it IS time for a photo. I shall try my hand at some timed shots this weekend.

  • the dicocco gang

    Or.. you could give the camera to someone you know who might be handy with one (or not) who will be with you all weekend in the afore mentioned nature and she could take some pictures of you and Peanut.

  • Little House in Grand Prairie

    Thanks for passing along the exciting news about Janna. I will try to email she and Steph both! I love reading your blog – it’s like reading a good book. Thanks for the entertainment.

  • Chelsey Meek

    I LOVE the idea…can you record your favorite book for me? I miss YOUR voice.

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