for Thursday…on Wednesday

So, I’m pregnant. Holy horrible photo, Batman. Dark and orange…always a good combination for a 32+ week pregnant woman with olive skin. Like my diaper bag? It’s a Hop*Skip one…I love it. SImple and flat and dad-friendly AND RED. Our torah group got it for us! Curt was excited there was a water bottle holder for me on the outside. I explained it’s really for the baby’s bottle.
My appointment Tuesday went lovely. Starting now, we’re on a 2-week schedule.
The doctor says I’m right on the money. I’ve gained 30 pounds (I’m only 10 under Curt). I’m allowed to fly (complete with a note that says, “Mary is pregnant. She may fly at this time.”) this Saturday. My right rib-o-fire is normal and not about to fall off as I originally thought. My *ahem* lower pains are due to a natural hormone called Relaxin…also normal.
“Does it feel like you’ve been ridin’ a horse for 72 hours?” he asked.
“Yes! Exactly.”
“Yep. That’s normal. No cause to worry. Your ligaments are stretching out.”
Yeah…see, I’m not worried so much as I am in pain and look like a duck when I walk.
So you know what really impresses me? When guys drive around with women’s undies hanging from their rearview mirror. I mean, nothing says class like some foundations in yer car. I wish- I wish– I could have had the opportunity to meet someone like that before Curt came along. I wish. *sigh*
I’m headed to the MotherLand Saturday. I’ll talk to you when I get settled down south- prolly Tuesday-ish.
Y’all be good and check in on my husband while I’m gone ok?


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11 responses to “for Thursday…on Wednesday

  • diane

    Thank you for the map. I so appreciate good directions.

    I had no idea you loved RED as much as I. Clearly, we were meant to be friends.

    I’m now going to drive around and look for a high-class man with ladies underwear hanging from the mirror. Thanks for the tip.

    Question: is the Drum Line playing on Sunday?

  • The Watts

    You look beautiful! I can’t wait to see you! Give me a call when you get settled in and we’ll get together and play.

  • the dicocco gang

    answer: I have heard that rumor too… from a very reliable bird

    (we are talking about a drumline here… not about the quality of panty-displaying men)

    Oh kate… I shall be thinking of you on Saturday and for the next couple of weeks. Breathe in deep Texas air… breathe in deep family air… breathe in deep these last few weeks of duck impersonating air (and I hope you are able to breathe from wonder, not from pain)…

    I’m so glad there is you

  • Little House in Grand Prairie

    Yeah! Have fun in Belton – woohoo. You look super cute.

  • KristenDeckingaMoore

    We have the exact same diaper bag. It is the best, especially how is can hang from the handles of the stroller. Genius. Jane is so smart now, she takes my cell phone from me and puts it in the cell phone compartment on the side.
    Have a great time in Texas. And soak in all the family love.
    Ooooh, girl, have you thought about how you might go to the bathroom in that teensy weensy airplane? Seriously, I would just strap on a depends and get some practice in changing diapers. That would be way easier. . . plus it would make a great blog post.
    Think about it. . . . . km.

  • sunday

    you look so cute!!! have fun in texas.

  • Jessica

    You Look Awesome!!! I cant believe it. Wow. Is that a Liz Lange T from Target I must say they are my favorite I own one in every color..for real!!

  • KatieKate

    Jess- yep…it’s my favorite Target shirt and I need a couple more.

    KMoore- I have not thought about the airplane bathroom. If memory serves, those things are smaller than my shower…which mean s I may cry. Depends sounds like a feasible option.

    Diane- Indeed…I have the rumor bird that a refurbished drum line shall be leading us this Thursday. Someone video-cam it for me ok?

    Tejas, here I come.

  • mr. chris

    you look amazing miss kate.

    i’m sure it doesn’t feel that way all the time though !!

    hurry up and get that thing out so we can see what it looks like 😉

  • KatieKate

    Seriously, Chris. I hear you. I talked to it this morning to see if it was interested in an early Tejas delivery…perhaps int he same hospital it’s dear old mom was delivered in…but I got no response. Guess we’ll all have to wait. 6.5 weeks to go!

  • diane

    Come back to us, Kate.

    It’s Tuesday and I’m waiting to hear about the flight, the bathrooms, your crazy stories of life in an airport and of course, How was your trip to Heaven?

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