the things you find

Dad and I are headed to St. Louis for my cousin’s wedding tomorrow…Dad’s younger brother’s oldest daughter. You know, a family wedding. Dad’s in the wedding, which means he gets to wear a flower. This is a very big deal to him. Mom’s going to Sea World for school to swim with big fish and will miss the festivities. We’re leaving, in true Sebeck road trip fashion, at 4am. I am debating whether or not I should just sleep in the car tonight like I used to do the night before trips when I was younger and cuter and thought I was “camping…” in the back of a Jeep Laredo… with luggage and my brother’s hamster and a cooler full of snacks.

The plague that welcomed me home and began marching slowly across my face has ceased and desisted…I claim complete victory. I did, admittedly, recognize it immediately and sent in the infantry without hesitating. It is the shortest war I have ever fought against this villian- one week. I would boast more, but I know it’s not the last I shall see of this dark, dark terror. My point is that I can go to the wedding without a Phantom mask. Amen.

Check out my brother (one of my favorite pictures ever, even though he’s squinting- he’s always squinting). This was December of 2002 at his college graduation. Obviously, it’s winter because Danny is comfortable in his midnights and I am wearing a snuggly long-sleeve sweater. C’mon people…winter. I had just moved to Grand Rapids in September. I found this gem in the vault of digital camera files on my parent’s hard drive…all still labeled with their numeric camera codes. There’s some good stuff in there I thought had been lost…lost in the depths of digital camera land. Alas, I have seek-ed and found.

Right now I have half a day to prepare for the return of an old friend tonight…a shower, snacks within arm’s reach, a Coke, comfy pjs…don’t call me. I’ll be busy.

The boy is picking me up in St. Louie and we’ll be home late Sunday night! I’ll bring some 82 degree weather back with me! Have a great weekend!!! Exclamation point!


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2 responses to “the things you find

  • OurMrsMikrut

    Ooooh! Thanks for reminding me of our mutual old friend! Hopefully I will remember…eight hours is a long time from now.

    Also, bad news. Can’t come on the 15th after all – that is the only day that we are going to be able to celebrate my birthday with my family. I am major bummed!

  • Jessica

    Ahh I too remember traditional family road trips, however we left at 8pm and traveled through the night and mom would pop each of us a half a benedryl to “help us sleep “through the excitement”.Dad would always wake us up when we went through a “city” so we could see the tall buildings! Have fun!

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