Monday, Monday

Na, Na…Na Na Na Na

anyone? anyone?

So lemme tell you folks that I am an INCREDIBLE laybug-poo-cleaner-upper. If there is a window…with a ladybug state park on it…and there are brown/red polka dots of poo all over it I AM THE LADY TO GET THE JOB DONE. I may be pregnant and unable to varnish, pick up front decks and slug through the mud with lumber anymore… but I can make a window shine, baby. This picture was obviously taken in-progress. See the poo??? See it?!

I am on my way to a Peanut appointment, so I’ll be back later today with information and maybe even a photo of the kid. In the meantime, let’s talk about packing… specifically hospital packing. It’s time to make the bag and set it by the door and I must confess I am lacking a bit for common sense these days. In my defense, however, I have to say I have never stayed overnight in a hospital before and I have never delivered a child. So, bring it on…the obvious, the not so obvious, the I-wish-I-had-remembered…all of it.

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12 responses to “Monday, Monday

  • sunday

    what about music? and abe? abe is a must!!

  • Jessica and Myron Carr

    I must confess, I started a bag because I was so unaware of what I would need. And I still dont know, *I hear a night light is good so you and the man can rest without the halogens.
    *A phone List
    *Socks and slippers
    *Your own pillows/cases
    *I was also told to make sure the man takes extra clothes.

    You will have to fill me in too as excting as it is its still really scary!
    Love ya

  • diane

    The Obvious: bring Curt

  • bec

    When my dear friend Kelly had her little boy, she was DYING for Chapstick every time we all turned around. I have spent many a night in a hospital, but none having a baby, so I will try to make sense of things necessary for the baby part. (ie, I don’t know that a jigsaw puzzle will be terribly vital in the birthing situation…)

  • Jessica

    Actually I got some info from my pal Shann, just had a little girl in May. Puzzle might not be a bad idea she said it could help pass the time. she also said
    *2 gowns ( hospital ones can be weird)

    You know what. Go to my blog, then click on The Riggsbee Family and read her comment for today. Its lengthy but informative, I asked on your behalf! And you get to see her beautiful little one!

  • The Watts

    Looks like my last comment didn’t post. I was also going to suggest chapstick. No fancy pjs, but definitely a comfy robe and slippers. Whatever you are going to wear home should be roomy and comfy, and whatever you take for Peanut to wear home should probably be a bit smaller than you think. And please, don’t forget your camera. We’re going to want to see pictures ASAP!

  • OurMrsMikrut

    Undies. Always undies.

  • Anonymous

    On a sour note – just because you hide children well does not mean you will hide left-over pregnancy weight well in your old pre baby clothes. So – take along maternity clothes to wear home. Sorry. You will be thin again oh yes – just not two days later. Unless you are Sara Close. Then you have great hair and you can wear your pre peanut jeans home. Man. Who likes her anyway?!

  • Kristen

    1. Black undies. Nothing nice.
    2. Slippers.
    3. Food for Curt.
    4. The phone number to the best pizza place.
    5. Your cell phone charger.
    6. The baby book so guests can be recorded.

    Who is going to take care of Abe?
    If need be, you can always drop him off in our fenced in backyard. We’ll know you are in labor if there is a big brown dog hanging back there.

  • KatieKate

    ooohhh…Abe. We may indeed drop him off in your backyard. Good point.

    And, uh…Sara Close wore her normal clothes home? I KNEW there was a reason not to like her. Fabulous tiger shawl last night, dearie…perfect for MC-ing.

  • sunday

    oh poor abe i was hoping you could sneak him into the hospital. i am sure that he is really easy to hide.

  • the bantam menace

    Abe could pass as a shawl…

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