we are learn-ed

Tuesday night Curt and I took a break from Shoebox electrical work and headed over to St. Mary’s for a little hospital tour and *ahem* feeding instructional class. Definitely worth the $15 to see the boys squirm as our instructor described colostrum and clutching and undergarments (which she had samples of that we had to pass around).

When it came time to practice feeding holds, we had to confess that we’d forgotten to bring our “child” because we were moving and everything’s in boxes and all the stuffed animals we’d received were a bit too small and could we please borrow one of her extras thank you so much we really are prepared for this child thanks again? She obliged. When it came time for the “football” hold, I failed and she said, “Well, dear, it will be much easier when you don’t have the belly in a couple of weeks.” Curt replied, “Here, I can do it…gimme that kid.” And so I did. And he did. And the lady paused and said, “Yes, we are all so proud of you.”
Taking a class 2-hour with Curt was like having a glimpse into what our lives would have been like had we met in school days as opposed to grown-up days. If we’d been in the same class…even remotely near each other… we would have been in trouble. All. The. Time. Slouching. Kicking. Under-the-breath comments. Giggling. Curt not taking notes. Me frantically trying to remember Point #2 of why swaddling is important. The lights go out for the film and he’s out of control with moving around in his seat, flipping through papers, moving his chair, opening up chip bags…and then putting his head down for a nap while I laugh like a girl who has a crush on the jock next to her and everything is so cute and funny and brilliant and rebellious. Ridiculous.
But I like him and I’ll keep him.
And I am indeed so proud of him.
He’s gonna be a great dad.
We’re off to finish the electrical, pick up the rocking chair, and stain the floors this weekend in prepartion for Tuesday’s FINAL INSPECTION which could possibly maybe mean we can move in Tuesday night. Everyone hit your knees.
Love you.

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