what I did on my blogger vacation (1)

This is how my mother answers the phone 9 times out of 10. Not this time.
I present: A conversation from my blogger vacation.
Read it once to get it in your head, and then read it again in warp speed to achieve actual effect.

My mother: Is that you?
Me: Yeah.
Mm: Why are you calling on Daniel’s phone?
Me: Huh?
Mm: Hello?
Me: Mom?
Mm: Gail?
Me: Kate.
Mm: Who is this?
Me: KATE. Yer daughter.
Mm: Kate?
Me: Yes.
Mm: Are you feeling ok?
Me: Yes.
Mm: Did you have the baby?
Me: No.
Mm: Why are you calling?
Me: It’s Saturday.
Mm: Is everything alright?
Me: I think so. Are you ok?
Mm: Who? Me? I’m fine. Why?
My mother: So what are y’all doin’ today? Workin’ on the house? I have a quilting class at 4 and then I’m headed out to get groceries. Daddy wants spaghetti tonight…

No kid yet, peeps. Dad arrives this Sunday…just in time for Peanut’s official due date and the Opening Day of gun season. Mom will follow next Saturday after handing her classroom off to a substitute for Thanksgiving. Now is the time to come, kid. I’ve got back-up all over this place. But not on Sunday, ok? I’ve got to sing and it would be oh-so akward to go into labor in front of 3,000 people at the 11am service. Let’s all picture Troy’s face, shall we? But let’s do gamble…I am mathematically due Saturday, November 11th. There was speculation about the 15th, but that was when I was small. I am not small any more. So, you guess (date and time) and I’ll knit the winner a winter hat. Deal?

And here…here is my new best friend, Mister Eddie Graves, trying to kiss me goodbye at the hayride. Oh, sweet child. I think he hung there for 5 minutes without saying anything before I finally realized he wanted to get my attention.

Love you! Talk to you soon…hopefully from the hospital!


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20 responses to “what I did on my blogger vacation (1)

  • anna

    Now I’m thinking we need updates every day by let’s say, 9 a.m. your time. Nothing big, but some sort of post. That way, if there’s nothing, we know to start waiting by the phone.

    But wait. If you post, and then go into labor, we wouldn’t know anything had happened until the next day, and by then it might all be over.

    Okay. So I’m thinking we need posts every six hours. So 9 a.m., 3 p.m., 9 p.m., um, I guess we can skip the 3 a.m. posting. Unless you’re up! Then post!

    How does that sound?

    Crazy? Maybe, but how crazy seriously? I can’t be the only person who wants, scratch that, needs to know this information. 🙂

  • Kates dad

    Anna Foster …..If ya would keep in touch with people You’d know ..

  • l.b.o.

    anna’s comment is a good example of why i like anna. 🙂 (and her story reading talents, too.)

    kt–have you considered blogging during labor?

    i joke, i joke.

    but seriously. my guess for delivery (sorry, kt) is tuesday, nov. 14 in honor of my sweet husband’s birthday, who, really, will be like a sorta uncle. and we know really good things happen on that date.

    i can’t wait!

  • Jessica and Myron Carr

    I do hope my post does not appear three times but it may. I do apologize if it does. But I am entering my stake into the pool. Baby Mulder aka peanut… to appear Monday Nov. 13th at 2:45 am.

    I do apologize that you will need to be up into the wee hours of the morning but I think after you sing at church that little tike is not going to be able to resist staying in there any more. Peanut will want to come out and see/hear its beautiful mama and papa from the outside!

  • Chelsey Meek

    My bet…peanut out on Sat. Nov. 18 around 6am.

    Sorry, Kate. The timing isn’t ideal for you. But, I was the first born…a week late at 6am-ish. (sentimental guess).

  • The Watts

    Here’s my guess (and I’ll be kind): On the due date, Nov. 11th around 2:00 in the afternoon. You will have to miss your singing engagement, but it’ll be worth it when you see Peanut’s little eyes looking into yours! This guess is based ont he stats of my first-born.

  • sunday

    i have no idea. yesterday was my anniversary so i wish that it was yesterday. hey when is your anniversary? was it the 8th too, or was it the 7th? all i know is it is during the rut. worth got ’em a deer, thank goodness. now maybe i won’t have to hear about it for another year :). i was a month late, i know they don’t let that happen anymore, but i pray you don’t go as long as that!!! heres to you. can’t wait to see this beautiful child.

  • Julie - have a baby Harkless

    Okay – you faint of heart non childbrithing friends – just look past this blog – but Kate you want the nugget here – have a little you know what got the peanut here and spicy food, a beer and some warm compresses on what the baby will be eating from and you could have a peanut in no time. You think in am kidding – I am not. I would not kid about babies. Ever.

  • Laura

    I love Julie Harkless. She did a lovely job singing last Sunday, no?

    My guess is Saturday the 17th at about 7:00 p.m…because that is the ONLY excuse you could possibly have that would prevent you from coming to the game night that is going to be happening at MikrutHut that evening. Fer realz. (If you haven’t had the baby yet, please come and I’ll feed you tamales.)

  • diane

    I’m no good at guessing, but I could use a warm, k-nitted hat since I can’t shop.


    I think you’re gonna go late…Peanut will wait until Grandma Sebeck is in town!

    And yes, you must come to Game Night!

  • bec

    Hello! Oh how you do crack me up – I am checking this thing like a lunatic (although I feel I’m not the only one) to see if Peanut is here yet. (Thanks again for not finding out what you’re having – I think that makes it SO much more fun…) I will guess the 14th (that’s Ellen’s birthday) and, oh, I don’t know, 5.30 or so in the afternoon? So yes, that’s what I think. You don’t have to knit me a hat if I win though – I have a really big head; your kid would be in college by the time you’d be done… I’m praying for y’all!!

  • the dicocco gang

    i do love that julie harkless too… and while she never does joke about babies… she DID keep her descriptions to a Dobson- approved rating.

    I would wish that this little peanut would begin his/her approach on Sunday the 12th at 2:00…because I love the drama of you getting to sing twice but not all three times… BUT that isn’t my guess.

    I am going to say Friday the 17th around 4 in the afternoon.

  • Kristen

    peanut is coming on MY birfffff-day folks, that would be monday, november 13.
    in the evening around 8 pm.

    i can’t wait for that knit hat. . . .

  • mom

    Hmmmmmmmmm my bet is labor starts Friday the 17th, Curt races you to the hospital….they send you home to walk some more..(do you remember…guess not…you were trying to be born)..then back Saturday night around 10pm (since I arrive at 8pm)with a nice smooth delivery around 10…November 18th has a nice, autumn feel to it…also not too close to Christmas…if you are a month late, it’ll be too close to Christmas.
    Do I really talk like that on the phone? Don’t mean too…my brain tends to multi-task….but you understood me right?
    Love you Sweetie, see you all soon
    Mikey is all packed.

  • The Zoo

    Katie Kate,

    I am guessing you will deliver around 4:00am on Monday, November 13 after you sing on Sunday and begin to relax and think your day is done–then Peanut will start knocking around and want out!

    Who knows?! God will bring Peanut at just the right time but I do hope I win the hat!

    Love you!

  • Jessica and Myron Carr

    I had a dream last night that I had Rylie, she weighed 8lbs and 4 ozs and was 4 weeks early!!! I felt so quilty that you hadn’t had peanut yet. Yikes!!

  • KatieKate

    Yes, Ma, I understood you perfectly. Get up here already, will you?

    Jess- if you go before me I’m keeping Rylie’s gift for Domenica.

    Y’all are killing me with these predictions…but I wrote them all down. They’re on my calendar.

    JOOOOO-lee Harkless: can I trade the beer for a woodchuck cider and will the ER call child protective services on me if I smell like pear cider when I deliver?

  • OurMrsMikrut

    Okay, I need to change my guess just a little…thanks, Tracy, for subtly pointing out that the 17th is a FRIDAY.

    Friday, Nov. 17th, 7:00-ish!

  • Bonnie

    I miss you!
    Having you live at camp was very handy for watching you grow. Now I just don’t know how to do it. Will you come to the bakery for lunch this week?
    We did not come to the hayride. And I didn’t even call. Gary was in CA, and I had kids going all over the place. No good.
    I am weighing in on the birthdate. I’m picking tonight. Yes, around 10:00. Go for it.

  • misschristine

    Thursday, Nov. 16, at about 10 PM. I guess I should have a reason for my prediction, buuuuut… I don’t, I’m sorry to say! 🙂

    The truth is, I just can’t wait!! 😀

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