That’s what we’re doing around here…waiting. Waiting waiting waiting. I’m good at waiting. I made it through 2 morning services of singing, a walk around the back 40 with Jo and Aaron and Max and Lainy (thanks, you guys- it was wonderful), a minor spill during the creek crossing, and a final 6pm service of singing with no baby action whatsoever (yes on the contractions, though… they’re just not super regular yet). I got my pants all muddy during the afternoon walk and needed to change before singing again…but at this point in the pregnancy (+40 pounds- all between the belly button and the knees, mind you) I’m down to 2 pair of pants I can wear without being in a country song. The other pair was drying in the dryer because I did laundry this weekend (shocking). I had to resort to a pair that fit 3 months ago. Uh…shall we say enhancing? I tied a shirt around my waist. I do not care anymore, people. I do not care.

My next appointment is scheduled for Tuesday at 11:45am. I’m taking my father with me. You’re invited, too.
[appointment update: no nothing…NOTHING…no change from last week. I have a non-stress test this Friday and then another appointment Monday at noon…but my doctor thinks I’m going to go naturally before then. She says everything looks great and they’re not going to push anything this week. But by Monday, if it hasn’t happened on it own, then we’re picking a date. She guaranteed me I will have a child by Thanksgiving.]

Birthday bets as they currently stand:
Bonnie (I miss you too!!!) – 11th, 10pm sorry, no hat for you…no baby for me
Mandi – 11th, 2pm sorry, no hat for you…no baby for me
Jessica – 13th, 2:45am sorry, no hat for you…no baby for me
KMoore – 13th, 8pm
sorry, no hat for you…no baby for me
Renee – 13th, 4am sorry, no hat for you…no baby for me
Bec – 14th, 5:30pm sorry, no hat for you…no baby for me
Rachel – 14th, 6pm sorry, no hat for you…no baby for me
Janna – 14th sorry, no hat for you…no baby for me
Bill(y) – 15th, anytime sorry, no hat for you…no baby for me
Chris – 16th, 10pm sorry, no hat for you…no baby for me
Rose – 17th, 3pm
Trase – 17th, 4pm

Laura – 17th, 7pm
Sudy (Anna’s mom) – 18th, 8pm
Anna – 18th, 10pm
Mom – 18th, 10pm

Chels – 18th, 8pm
Amanda – 19th, early am
Diane – 19th, eveningish

Megan – 21st (if Megan’s right, I will cry)

Since most of you have predicted a much later birth, I am planning on continuing with life as normal. Errands, lunch, a movie perhaps…shoot, I may just go out and ride in one of Anna’s 150-mile MS bike-a-thons. Why not?

Send me spicy food.
Y’all make my life wonderful.
Love, KatieKate


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11 responses to “…waiting…

  • misschristine

    Abe, you’re my favourite. Just because you sleep just so.


  • bec

    Katie Kate,
    I am all ready for this sweet little one – I have boy stuff, I have girl stuff, I’m ready. Wish I could be up there to say hi to the little one in person when he/she comes! I’m sending habaneros!

  • diane

    HEY! where’s my bet?? I predicted Sunday evening when your mom comes!

  • Julie do you have to let it Linger Harkless

    Thanks for the blog love Larua and Trace and Kate – dang – I’m a little teary! Kate – yes to the woodchuck and just suck on a penny on the way to the hospital – Doug swears that works – takes all of the alchohol smell out of your mouth. Now – what diseases you may come across by sucking on a penny is a whole other blog topic. And Trace – I find that since I read soooo many Dobson books I start talking and typing like him. He’s like the Holy Spirit II. Kate – remember that noone is pregnant forever. I promise the nugget will come. When SHE is ready. Love to you today – you brave brave singing soilder. JH

  • Jessica and Myron Carr

    I think you should get Curt to drive you around on some bumpy roads inthe Colonel. If the Jeep were up and running thats what we would do.

    Peanut will come before Rylie, I promise.

    I hear ya on the pants. I have 3 pairs but only 2 Ican wear to work. My shirts no longer offer full coverage either. The belly button makes an appearance more then it needs to these days!

    Hang tight, continue to walk, its gonna be a great ride!!

  • sunday

    don’t you just love how dogs sleep. they are just the best. does abe know what is about to happen?

  • Rachel

    Just wanted you to know that I have been thinking about you and your family as you near the big arrival day! You are really good at keeping up with the website postings! For your sake, my birth day bet is for tomorrow (Tuesday)- around 6pm. I am sure you have probably heard lots of suggestions, but foot massage is supposed to bring on labor… maybe curt can help, or maybe abe? 😉 Sending wishes for peace and rest…

  • KatieKate

    I had a foot massage! Curt bought Natalie and I a pedicure and then me a pre-natal massage last weekend. It was glorious. Perhaps I should make another appointment.

  • Jessica and Myron Carr

    Good to hear Katie Kate. Hang in there it will happen.

  • misschristine

    I was sent a link to the cutest animation ever… something to do in your waiting period 🙂

    Super cute! Hope you enjoy.

  • Laura

    That’s right…you keep waiting, because Friday evening is a-callin’ your name, Kate Mulder.

    And for the record, I witnessed your ensemble at the 6 and thought the sweatshirt around the waist was adorable. You’re one of the cutest pregnant people ever. Give that belly some credit!

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