that’s what I am
not anxious
just bored
and a darn good cook when I have 24 hours to plan each meal
I’ve finished 2 hats and am starting on some mittens. At this point, the Birthday Bet winner will have a while outfit to wear. I’m thinking of taking up whittling or something, too. Hand-carved totem pole, anyone?

Let me introduce you to my father, Daniel (we have genetic photogenic disabilities). He arrived on Monday and I haven’t seen him or The Boy since. They’ve been scouting for deer, and buying brakes for my car, and messing around in the barn, and drilling holes in my walls, and playing with the tractors. I do think it’s true that girls marry their father- for better or for worse. Oh, there are differences…like Curt wears Carharts and Dad wears Levis. But they both use Old Spice. Hmmmmm. Scary.

Wednesday morning, they both got up at 5am like kids on the first day of school, ate and chatted and danced around in their longjohns, donned their bright orange hats and their identical guns (because they are the same person) and headed out to the back 40. Dad called in 2 hours later and I was afraid he was too cold, but no. He, with all his farmer’s luck, took the first buck off Texas North…and it was huge. Even the DNR couldn’t believe it. 200 pounds, 8 point, 3 1/2 years old, 21 inch antler spread. Curt said there was a lot of huffing and puffing as the two of them dragged it back in. One shot, the old-fashioned way with a muzzle loader, through the trees. Nice job, Pap.

And now I shall head to the doctor (with the boys) for a routine post-due ultrasound and non-stress test. I’ll let’cha know.

Here’s whose still in the running:

Rose – 17th, 3pm (NOPE)

Trase – 17th, 4pm (NOPE)

Laura – 17th, 7pm (NOT LIKELY, friend)

Sudy – 18th, 8pm (nope)

Anna – 18th, 10pm (nope)

Mom – 18th, 10pm (nope)

Chels – 18th, 8pm (nope)

Amanda – 19th, early am (nope)

Diane – 19th, eveningish (not lookin’ good)

Megan – 21st, anytime ’cause it’s her birthday

I am (still with child),



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