"Weeping may tarry for the night,

but JOY comes with the morning.” Psalm 30:5b

and she did…she really did.
Rylie Joy came in the morning after a hard night of induced labor. Our God was not mincing words when he said your greatest joy shall bring your greatest pain in Genesis. I will spend a lifetime trying to understand why something so wonderful is at the same time so incredibly difficult. If it brings me one step close to understanding His love for me, then He has won.

Hello, buenos dias, and good morning to all of you. My boys have been taking care of the blog site in fine fashion, I see (though we could discuss picture selection. To their credit, I didn’t give them much to work with- there are no “naturally beautiful post-delivery glowing mom” shots in our folder). I have been literally lying low due to a reaction to my c-section anesthesia…a lovely spinal migrane that prevents me from sitting upright or moving my neck. It is slowly getting better, but I feel like I have lost so much time. Fortunately, my parents were here until early Sunday morning and were a tremendous help and blessing for the 2 (dad)/ 1 (mom) week they stayed. In a mother/daughter world-record, we argued only once and it was during labor, so I don’t think that legally counts. Curt and Dad became fast friends taking care of the 2- and quickly 3- women in their lives who needed attention and love and support and, most importantly, food.

Having them here for so long makes me think that children should be born to 4 people. This allows 2 people to be on “break” fixing cars, grocery shopping, hunting, making dinner, sleeping, etc. while the other 2 are dressing, feeding, walking, and otherwise dealing with Baby. No one is ever alone. Why has no one brought this up before?

To all of you who called, visited (some, the wrong hospital- thank you), didn’t call out of politeness, found out through the grapevine because we couldn’t call people fast enough and then just gave up, and sent food- thank you. We are figuring out life. NOTHING is like the books…and it is taking me a bit to realize everything is ok. She doesn’t eat like the books describe. My delivery wasn’t anything like what they said in the books. She doesn’t poop like in the books. My recovery wasn’t mentioned, and the nurse coming in at 3am was also not mentioned. I say this only to bring some sort of relief to Janna and Jess and Sunday and Natalie…if it doesn’t go exactly how the nurses and books describe, you’re not doing anything wrong. I cried all the way home from the hospital because my nurse was so incredibly reluctant to let me go. Ry wasn’t eating “normally” and I didn’t have sufficient answers for everything…and half way home I thought perhaps we’d made the biggest mistake ever by leaving the safety of monitors and 24-hour medical help and mesh undies. But the thing is- you just know when you’re ok. And I think we’re ok. We’ew not textbook, but we’re ok. And I know where to go if that changes.

So, we’re home. I tried to bring the catheter and Nurse Carolyn home with me, but they made me leave them at the door. Man, it was nice to have 2 days of no going to the bathroom every 5 minutes. They explained I could have one at home if I empty it as well…and, well, I’m just not willing.

Meg– you won the Birthday Bet by a long shot, so come by anytime (no driving for me for awhile) and claim a Beanie. The rest of you are also welcome- the Shoebox is open. I can’t promise anything exciting, but we do have tons of venison jerky to snack on (thanks, Pap) and we can just sit around and stare at Rylie all day.

She’s ready for her BFF Rylie Jayne Carr to be born…bring it on, Jess.

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12 responses to “"Weeping may tarry for the night,

  • anna

    She’s amazing. Beautiful. I’m still in awe. Joy, indeed.
    Much love y’all’s way, and I can’t wait to see her in person.

  • diane

    She is breathtaking.

  • Kristen

    She really is reeeeee-diculously cute.

  • sunday

    she is so cute i can hardly stand it. i also appreciate how real you are. so far my pregnancy as not been like the books describe either. they make me think everything is going to be awful in pregnancy, but so far it has been pretty simple. i am waiting for the other shoe to drop. prayerfully it won’t. thank you for sharing this journey with us. i so appreciate you and how real you are. i love you!!
    PS- your boys did great at maintaining the blog and keeping us up to date.

  • Jessica and Myron Carr

    And so am I Kate, So am I….

    Rylie is so beautiful it was like Christmas(for me) the night you were in labor I just couldnt wait…

  • Anonymous

    Oh guys she is absolutely all our dreams & prayers for you come true! I can’t wait to meet her!

    – Stephanie Gravedoni

  • Paxton Cox

    Hey, I am so excited for you, and so happy that your mom and dad ere there to share in all the joy. In three short weeks I shall be joining you in the “JOYS” of pregnancy. We have already had contractions and done the hospital thing once this week. Someone should tell all pregnant people that books on pregnancy/baby are horrible. There is no norm…and you’re right, you just know when you can handle things. You are the most craftist person, you will make it. Every pregnancy story has the good and the bad. Good Luck, I know you will survive. Whitney

  • the dicocco gang

    oh, beautiful girl (that is you Katie). You are amazing and lovely and true.

    and that is without a doubt… the most breath-taking baby picture i have ever seen in my life.

  • julie harkless

    ohhhh sweet nuggies. kate she looks just like you – i am not kidding. i am so happy for you all – well not about the headache but everything else. nice work mulders. nice work

  • sunday

    Katie i git my blog going again. check it out.

  • The Zoo

    Wow! She is one beautiful baby! You (Kate) are totally normal. I wonder exactly who’s labor and delivery is just like in the books since all the rest of us experience everything else but normal! I was an NICU nurse and still cried trying to take care of my firstborn! We cannot wait to meet Rylie–she is stunning. God is so good!

    Love you,
    renee and clan

  • Laura

    I saw Rylie’s name in the paper today…and yours as well, Mary. You and Curtis must be so proud!

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