My dear friend Erica (who has a serious thing for the Muppets and is, sadly, blogless) in New Hampshire
(where seat belts are optional) thinks Ry’s Gremlin character strikes a remarkable resemblence to Mr. Magoo.
I can’t really say she’s wrong.
Mom (Grammy) brought up these dresses when Miss Ry entered the world. They were mine when I was little. They all have matching bonnets and ruffled undies. I’m scared to wash them, they’re so precious. She’ll be wearing them regardless of the weather…we have plenty of blankets. My favorite is the plain white one on the bottom far right…it has a hint of pink embroidery on it and will be perfect for this summer.
Question/Experiment for the weekend: Is it necessary to wash your feet in the shower? They were arguing about this on the radio. Now, don’t answer too quickly…you take a shower and see what happens naturally. I, for one, do not. There are rivers of Dove soap flowing through the toes throughout the process. And my balance is not so good as to allow me to actually go slalomn in the tub. Please, people. Now my husband on the other hand probably does make it a point to wash his feet. They’re prolly number 7 on the “efficient and effective way to take a shower” list, eh, Babe? Love you…and all your weirdness.
Rylie…well, she just likes to float. She doesn’t really care if her toes get washed or not.

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  • KristenDeckingaMoore

    Rylie IS Mr. Magoo! Great comparison. Hopefully she doesn’t grow up to walk with a cane like him.

  • sunday

    i will have to agree with erica about Mr. Magoo. that is pretty funny. the dresses are the sweetest. i wash my feet every once in awhile, but i agree with you katie, so much soap is flowing down. they have to get washed that way. is there loads of snow up there?

  • Jessica and Myron Carr

    I must say the same. It is a rare occasion when I actually wash my feet. They have to be muddy. Think about using the same washcloth to wash your feet and your face. I just dont think so…

  • Meggy Poo Poo

    Kate I don’t wash my feet. I totally agree with you on the “flowing dove soap” theory.

  • The Watts

    I can’t believe you gave birth to Baby Magoo?! That’s awesome! The dresses are adorable and so very special. Can’t wait to see pictures of Miss Rylie all dressed up in them!

    I always wash my feet thoroughly, but then I have major feet issues.

  • The VanderPloeg's

    ahhh – i am with curt on this one. i definitely wash/scub/exfoliate my feet! they were not born beautiful – mine need serious help and scrubbing.

  • Julie always up for holding a baby Harkless

    Kate – I have washed my feet one time in my life. I was walking around NYC for about 4 hours in a skirt – of course – and flip flops – of course (and most likely a white tank top – my uniform). When I got back to the hotel – I kid you not – my feet were not just dirty but deeerrrrrtttyyyyyy! So I did what you do – sat on the edge of the tub and warshed them – or tried to. Oh goodness – it took about 3 hotel bars of soap and 45 minutes but they were relatively clean. The tub on the other hand – yick. Which posed a problem for my mother who wanted to take a hot bath – which brings up a host of other problems which I will be happy to tell you about if you hit that nerve on another blog entry. Kate – I adore you and your little Ryster. I cannot wait to meet her. Can I be the baby holder on Sunday for you while you sing? Really – I’ll do it both morning services if you want. I am sooo not kidding. Julie

  • the dicocco gang

    always wash the toes… but i am a barefoot girl and these feet often need a good scrub. Now that it is winter and I am doefully socked, I don’t feel quite so immediate about the whole thing… but in the summer… the feet get washed until they don’t tickle any more.

    How was your haircut yesterday?
    SO sorry we missed you!
    Next week??

  • The Babe

    OOOOHHHH, if feels so good when I put my fingers full of soap between my toes and clean the toe fungas from between after such a long day of walking around….ohhh, you gotta admit it feels good.

  • Laura

    I use the loofah poufy thingy on my feet every day, but mostly for exfoliation’s sake…but then again, I was a swimmer, and I have an inordinate fear of icky foot diseases.

    I found this website…you MUST get one of these items for Rylie!

  • KatieKate

    my husband lives in 7th grade humor land…sorry folks

  • KatieKate

    oh and PS:
    my hair appointment went fantastic… truthfully I go simply to have someone wash my hair. AND, Marie is covering for me this weekend, so I get to return to church for the first time completely undercover… but I will tell you that we’re going to the 11am service. So stay late (after the 9) or come early (to the 11am) or we’ll meet you at the worship team party afterwards.

    Can’t wait to see all of you!

  • grammy

    That site is fantastic! thank you Laura…our little peanut needs to be dressed accordingly…..and daughter, being a dancer and a person that walks amongst her goats….sometimes the dove lather just isn’t enough. I thought I taught to start at the top and work your way down.

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