you try something from scratch…then you start over because you’re brilliant and realize it’s going to be WAY too small…and then you finish and find that you have created a little Hari-Chrishna. Awesome.
Oh well. We shall try again.
She thought the whole thing was very funny.
This shall be quick as I have just come out of the New Motherhood Cave and realized next week is Christmas…no shopping done, no birth announcements made, no family letter composed. Oy.
There is also a screaming gremlin across the hall who is very upset about something I ate yesterday- she won’t tell me WHAT, just that I should never ever ever do it again. She should be sleeping but she is not. Curt and I are suffering through the “I hate letting my kid cry herself to sleep” blues. Please love us.
We’re headed to Tejas December 24th until the New Year. We’re taking a plane. I’m trying to contact every passenger on our flights and let them know Mrs. Magoo is coming with. She is already planning to make the 3 hours as painful as possible. This is her plotting face…
love you guys…
talk to you next week…
Rylie Jayne Carr, get yer little buns out here already!

What in tarnation is up with the spacing today?!


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8 responses to “sometimes

  • Jessica and Myron Carr

    Thanks for the support I am telling her right now how much she is missing out on out here. Look how much fun Rylie Joy is having I keep telling her. She is thinking about it!!

  • mandi

    I would love to meet Miss Rylie while you are in Texas, if you have some time to get together. I know it’s an incredibly busy time, but we’d love to see you if it works out.

  • Meggy

    That picture with the hat looks just like curt it cracks me up.

  • sunday

    does she have the longest fingers in the world or what? she is the sweetest. Well i am also going to be adding a little girl to the mix. Bella Rose is getting ready as we speak to meet her 2 older best friends in May!!! I am also for Rylie jayne to get on here.

  • bec

    Katie, she is adorable. In the middle of a rough day at work seeing her little picture is just what I needed! Did you get the box I sent? I sent two packages that day and the other one never got to my friend in Delaware, so I’m trying to decide whether or not to go cause a scene at the Post Office. šŸ™‚

  • Laura

    We over here at TeamMikrut have decided that Rylie’s plotting face reminds us a great deal of Dr. Evil’s. So really, maybe you should also start calling her Mini Me!

    Darling. Adorable. And we shall love you from way down here, i.e. Nearly In Allegan County. HELLOOOO up there!

  • KatieKate

    Laura: you made me laugh out loud…HELLOOOOO to you, too. I’m still slightly peeved you and the Mister missed the Christmas party but I’m almost over it.

    Bec: It’s my general philosophy that one should make a scene any chance they get. Don’t let the fact that we received your package stop you. Go for it. As for your friend in “Delaware”…well, I can tell you why she didn’t get her package. It’s because Delaware is a fake state- there aren’t actually people (or post offices) there. Think about it. What ever happens in “Delaware”? Nothing. Including mail.

  • Laura

    Oh, we love making you laugh, just as we love being made to laugh by you. Which we do.

    And we’re ever so sorry we missed the Christmas party – because, as Josh puts it – “I had to stinking work.” It is really nice to know we were missed, and appreciate hearing about it! šŸ™‚

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