Is this yours?

Coming soon to a mailbox near (one of) you…and more details once it arrives.

[picture me clapping my hands
and running around the house in
excited glee at having finally
returned to my craft-ing self.]

Diane wants to know 5 things about me…and since she is a sewing-fiend these days, I’m on it.

  1. Curtis James Mulder was my first kiss. Seriously. I was 25. Now, before you get all sappy and “oh that’s so great I wish I la la LA LA LA” let me say it Wasn’t. Always. My. Idea.
  2. My straight-A high school self made a D in college Probability and Statistics and a very very low should have been lower C in Physics and then switched to a major that wasn’t so numbers-focused. I’m not so much on the math, people. I’d tell you what the likelyhood is that I’ll be a big help to Rylie when she’s got math homework questions, but I obviously physically cannot.
  3. I have big-time therapy-worthy issues with repetetive noisesclicking (pens) and beeping (certain alarm clocks, cell phone key pads, fire alarms, etc.). I silenced the noise on our microwave, and I have been known to take away a stranger’s pen because he was driving me up the wall.
  4. I am not a scrapbook-er. Really. I’m not. You’d think that’d be right up my creative alley, but you’d be wrong.
  5. When I was a freshman in high school I watched Pretty Woman without and against permission while my parents were at work. I sat 5 feet away from the screen the entire time in case I needed a quick get-a-way. It is still to this day the most rebellious thing I’ve ever done.

a report on the Life of Rylie

We’re 2 months + 1 week old now! Can you believe it? We’re leaving in a minute to go get our shots, and Mom is a bit nervous. Last week at her 8-week check up, she was 22 inches long and 8 pounds 2 ounces (gi-normous, really). She’s so stinkin’ cute I can’t stand it. She’s sleeping for 6+ hour stretches at night and is oohing and ahhing all the time…especially at the pictures of the kids in my knitting books (she must feel an attachment to other children forced to wear hand-knitted gear). She’s not walking yet, but I figure that’ll start sometime next week.


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4 responses to “Is this yours?

  • sunday

    i love her. she is so cute. did you make her whole outfit? you are amazing. i am no good at math either. Bella Rose will have to go to her father. i am not sure if you have seen what homework looks like for 1st graders, but it is REALLY hard. my newphew had some homework and i had no idea what it was. it was a little embarrassing to say the least.

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    Myron agrees. Rylie(s) will be running by the end of the month. ha ha

  • Laura

    There’s a mobile home park in my hometown called Life O’Riley…and the homes were seriously mobile. Most were fifth-wheelers. I once met a lady who lived there with her traveling electrician husband and their two kids. She had an Alabama drawl and talked about how people ’round here don’t like home-school mommas too much.

    I’ll complete my own Diane-mandated top-five list soon enough. I haven’t been very inspired lately, but I’m sure it will hit me sooner or later.

    Tonight at The Hill, Josh and I were certain that we saw the Ladies Mulder sitting in the Shed listening to Rob’s seminar, but alas – it was merely two ladies who looked just like you – appropriately sized and aged and everything. I ultimately decided that it couldn’t be Rylie because the baby was wearing something decidedly NOT k-nitted!

    Thank you for your rapt attention to Laura’s Story Hour this evening 🙂

  • KatieKate

    More stories from Laura! More!

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